You have planned the vacation of your dreams; all things are set. And in just a few weeks, you’ll be off and enjoying a wonderful 10-day vacation with, or to see your family, go on a cruise, or just get away for a while. You have already shelled out so much money, you feel like hiring a professional sitter would be way too much. So you rely on getting one of the neighborhood teens to check on your pet should be fine. This couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth. Leaving your pet and home in the hands of someone unreliable is more dangerous than leaving your pet alone. Not only can this leave your house vulnerable to any number of accidents or other problems, but your pet’s safety would also be called into question.


A Professional Understand The Importance Of Your Pets Needs

A professional sitter is more than just someone who will come and feed your animal. They make sure the pet has what they need as far as food, exercise, attention, and medical attention should the situation arise. If your pet is on a special diet, having a teen watch your dog, who might order a pizza and think it cute to leave a slice for the pup, who is lactose intolerant, and now the pup is in a lot of pain and sick. A professional sitter would know what the pets dietary needs are and stick to them while you are away.


Individualized Attention

Every home and every pet is unique; no two are alike. With a professional sitter, you get individualized care geared towards your pet’s needs and not only that; you never have to deal with whether or not someone has left open a door for the pet to get out or forgotten to feed them. Or just not come by to check on the pet at all. Another good thing about hiring a sitter is that if by chance, your pet should fall ill or have an accident, you have someone who won’t hesitate to take your pet to the clinic or ER. You’d have your information already laid out and set in case something should arise, as well as a release form, allowing the sitter to handle anything that should come up.


A Professional Pet Sitter Will Pay Close Attention To Your Pets

Much like people, pets get lonely. Having a good professional sitter means having someone who will pay close attention to your animal. Making sure to give them love and make sure they are happy. Having a physical person there with them while you are there almost distracts them from the fact that you AREN’T there. Making sure to play with them and pet them and let them feel secure and cared for. This is very important for your pet while you are away.

Some pets aren’t good with being left alone. If you work for long hours into the evening, many pets feel like they have been abandoned and creates a depression in the animal that can lead to trust and abandonment issues. Having a professional sitter present ensures your pet gets that attention and love that they need. Also, having the sitter at your house keeps from having your pet in a strange and unfamiliar place. This can be extremely stressful for your pet. But having them at home means someplace familiar that your pet will be used to. That way, your pet’s routine remains just about the same and they get to stay somewhere they are familiar.


Who Is Looking After Your Pets

Another issue that comes from letting friends or loved ones look after your pet is that should something happen unexpectedly, and your friend might not know what to do.  If something bad happens, such as your pet getting hurt or injured, or even dying, your relationship with that friend or relative will be negatively affected. And even if things go off without a hitch, you start asking them to sit more and more, and when they cant do it, it becomes a bigger problem, or either they become lackadaisical about it, and something goes wrong.

What you want is peace of mind when you are on vacation. You don’t want to have to worry about whether your pet was fed, or if they had their walk, or if they went potty all over the house. You don’t want to have to worry about if your pup is sitting staring out the window, whining and waiting for you to come home. Having a professional sitter means having someone whose sole job is to come and take care of your pet and make sure he’s happy and taken care of.





10 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Pet Sitter




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