Snellville Pet Sitter Suggests 5 Surprising Reasons to Get A Rabbit As Your Next Pet

Why be team cat or dog when you can be team rabbit?  With all the talk about dogs and cats, it’s easy to forget that other animals make just as good, if not better, pets.  Many people either can’t have cats and dogs, or don’t have space, but still would like a furry friend at the end of the day.  Luckily, the choices for companion animals is extensive, and today we will be talking about the top five reasons people should consider rabbits for their newest addition.

1.  Easy to Take Care Of

No need to escape proof your yard or hide your trash, when getting a rabbit as a pet you just have to set up their cage and litter station.  A quick clean once a week, emptying the litter out every day, feeding and refilling their water is all that is needed for a happy and healthy rabbit home.  Most rabbits are very happy to have time to investigate the house and play with their people.  If you have a very small space to have a pet in, a rabbit is perfect for you; their cage is very small, and the rabbit is barely noticeable when hopping around exploring.  No huge time commitment, no exotic diet, and no extensive equipment.

2.  The Perfect Choice for Apartments

Your neighbor will love you when you bring home your hopping bundle of joy – no barking, meowing or pounding feet.  While rabbits are capable of making a noise similar to a scream, it only happens when they are in severe pain or very scared – not something you’re likely to hear often.  In addition to taking up very little space, rabbits are excellent for apartment living since most apartments do not forbid small mammals.  Quiet and easy to take care of, rabbits are possible the easiest pet to have.


3.  Excellent companions

Rabbits are known for making just as close a bond with their owners as cats or dogs.  They have a reputation for getting to know their favorite person and often come when that called.  Rabbits prefer companionship over being alone, so will often hop to whichever room the family is in.  These furry companions have the same stress-relieving qualities from petting and snuggling with them like cats and dogs, and are even known to be just as affectionate as any other family pet.


4.  Personality with A Hop and A Kick

Only people who have never had a rabbit as a pet before will say rabbits are boring.  Pet rabbits are known for having distinct personalities and are extremely playful.  Some are more affectionate or outgoing, and some enjoy cuddling and being next to people more.  When well socialized, rabbits are comfortable showing just as much personality and sense of humor as cats.

5.  Will Train for Tricks

Rabbits are regularly trained to use litter boxes and to come when called, but that’s not the only trick up their fur.  When trained using similar methods as with dogs and cats, rabbits can do amazing tasks on command.  With patience and a few extra juicy bits of carrot, rabbits can amaze new owners with how quickly they pick up on complicated tricks.  All it takes is a little bit of devotion and some research.

If you are looking for a new family addition to give your love to, stop by your local humane society or local rabbit rescue and see who they have for you to take home.  Please remember that rabbits need just as much love as any other pet, and are a lifelong commitment.  Rabbits can multiply quickly when kept with their adult friends, and typically live a healthy seven to ten years, so spaying and neutering is recommended.  Like all the other animals that bring joy to the house, rabbits require special care as well but are so rewarding in what they give back.

If you have a rabbit who needs to be fed and watered when you’re away, please call 2 Paws Up, Inc. for watering and social visits, we love to see them for a cuddle as well!



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