Pros and Cons of Using a Dog Walking App Service

Did you know that you can download an app and have a dog walker come to your home sight unseen at any time? Wow, that is so cool! We often hear “anyone can walk a dog.” So why not try a “UBER” dog walker?

Why Not?

STOP…let’s think about this for a minute. Do you want anyone walking your dog? Do they have the skills and training in subjects such as dog body language, managing reactivity, and proper leash handling skills? Can they handle your puller?

Dogs are not just pets; they are our fur-children. Would you use a phone app to hire a babysitter for your children? Give them access to your home not having met them first the way you order a car ride from your phone? I would believe most would say no. So why would you use a service like “Uber” on demand to book a dog walker to walk your fur-children?

Trust, Security, and Safety

I would worry about trust, security, and safety issues using an on-demand dog walker. Most have us have cameras, and yes, this is a wonderful security feature. However, if you’re at work, and you see happening to your home and pets, could you get home in time to stop the situation?

When I first heard about these types of dog walking companies, I understood the convenience of requesting a dog walker on demand through a phone app. Although, most companies like ours try very hard to accommodate for last minute requests. There may be an additional fee but these last minute/short notice requests, similar to these other on-demand companies. Service may also be submitted from the convenience of your smartphone by making a phone call, or by logging into your pet care portal, or by sending an email.

The only way a dog walking or pet sitting service like this can gain your trust is when you meet someone from that company. Most professional dog walkers do not walk dogs off-leash or in packs for the safety of the dogs. Plus, we shouldn’t believe another person’s dog will listen to them off leash no matter how well trained. There is no guarantee that even the friendliest of dogs will always get along.

I see the biggest problem with the “on demand” companies is they depersonalize something that is so personal and precious to me. I have poured my heart and soul into perfecting 2 Paws Up Inc since 2003 of making sure our clients and their pets always have a wonderful experience.

Commitment to Our Clients

We are committed to our clients’ happiness, and we find ways to better our services. Dogs are a part of our family. We custom tailor each visit to each client and their dogs. At each visit, the client is emailed an e-journal with pictures of their dogs. We know when our pet sitters/dog walkers arrive and complete their visits via using GPS tracking.

How to Get Started – Give Your Dog The Gift of a Dog Walking Service

Did you know and have you ever considered using the service of a dog walker? Give us a call, or email, and we will be happy to get your dog or dogs started. Dog walking is a great service for all shapes, sizes, and ages. From puppies who can’t hold it to senior dogs who also need to go out to potty. We offer dog walking for 30, 45 and 60 minutes. We also offer to take the dogs to a park and walking them. Park walks are great for stimulation and socialization.

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