Why We Use More than One Sitter

Sometimes people wonder if they will get the same pet sitter or dog walker each time they go out of town, or the same dog walker every time they need their dog walked in Gwinnett County.

At 2 Paws Up Inc, we strive to keep all of our sitters working as a team. This means that every sitter is trained and familiar with the policies and procedures of our company. Every sitter is able to do the job with the same level of care and attention to detail.

Why We Use More than One Sitter

Imagine if your boss said to you that, from now on, you have to work 7 days per week. Not only that, you have to work morning, noon, and night, and that sometimes you will have to spend the night at work as well. How would you feel about doing that job? Would it be something you would look forward to doing? In addition, as you went on working without much of a break, what would happen to the quality of your work?

Even though we work with pets, the same reasoning applies to pet sitters and dog walkers. They need consistent days off and they need to be able to spend time with friends and family each day. They need time to do all of the things you like to do when you are off from work.

For our pet sitters to have days off, we must use more than one pet sitter per client.

We also work our sitters in shifts so that they have part of their time each working day to eat with their families, run errands, or just unwind.

We have seen that this keeps the quality and level of service high since sitters have the appropriate time needed to rest and recharge.

Why Our Clients Love that We Work as a Team

This is something that you, our clients have come to love because they know they will receive the same level of care no matter which sitter or walker takes care of their pet.

In addition, to you, our clients rest easy knowing they can count on us when they need care for their pet(s). You are not depending on just one person, but we have a team of highly qualified and dedicated sitters at your service. You are not left in a bind if there is an emergency with a sitter or if someone gets sick or must take a vacation, there is always someone to take care of your pet(s).

One of our clients, Colin Smith, in Grayson, had the following to say about our team of sitters: “All of the sitters we’ve used from 2 Paws Up Inc have been wonderful! Our dogs are very well taken care of and our house is in perfect order when we return home.”

Another client, Steve and Emily Johnson, in Lilburn, said, “Your service is a Godsend for us! We know that our dogs are in good hands when we are away. We would never leave them before we found you. No improvements needed! All of your sitters have been awesome!”

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  1. Kavinder Bisht

    Great pet sitting service. Highly recommended. On time, courteous and provide you with status updates during their visit.


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