What Would Be Your #1 Reason To Hire A Loganville Georgia Dog Walker?


If we sound a little biased, we might be.  The truth is, hiring a Loganville Georiga dog walker can provide incredible benefits for your pet, as well as for you. If you have never given a thought to hiring a dog walker then here are the top 5 reason we believe hiring a dog walker is incredibly important:


Every minute counts in our busy lives. Consistent lengthy walks are often difficult to fit into our schedules. Do you find this to be true for you too? We wake up extra early. We go home at lunch to walk the dog while we eat in the car to save time. We delay making dinner with the family because we have to walk the dog. With a regular dog walker, your dog still gets all the exercise and attention they deserve, while you get back your time. Everyone wins!


Just like us, our dogs need regular and consistent exercise to live a long healthy life. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 54% of dogs and cats in the US are obese. This could be easily prevented or even diminished with proper exercise to avoid those specific health problems in your pets lifetime. One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is to provide 3 or more 20-minute walks per day.


A tired dog is a good dog. Regular walking helps to reduce excess energy in your dog, resulting in calmer behavior at home. Your dogs will be less inclined to bark, chew, bite or use the bathroom indoors with frequent, lengthy walks.

Socialization and Stimulation

Walking is not only great exercise for your dog it also stimulates their senses. Your dog gets to smell, see, feel, and hear all types of interesting and new things that are stimulating when out for a walk. Stimulation might include seeing other people or animals, which can be an excellent way to encourage proper socialization for your dog. We as humans often take these stimuli for granted, and we easily forget that these are frequently the highlights of our dog’s day.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a dog walker gives you the peace of mind your dog is well taken care of, even while your away from home. Having a dog walker you will not have to worry as much if you need to stay late for work, or you want to go out with friends or hit the gym for a much-needed stress relief workout. The best caveat is if your dog doesn’t complete “finish” when you take them out in the morning you know your dog walker will be there for your dog.

There are many other factors that come into play for hiring a dog walker in Loganville Georgia. 2 Paws Up Inc Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and Dog Training makes iring a knowledgeable and trained dog walker easy with our online scheduling 24/7.

2 Paws Up Inc provides peace of mind to you by hand selecting and training our dog walkers because we can. If you hire an independent contractor they cannot be trained because they are an independent business owner working for an independent company.

The What Ifs Of A Dog Attack Between An Employee and Independent Contractor?

Has your dog walker been trained in dog behavior? Do they know the signs of dog aggression, and what to do in a situation? How do they handle a dog attack out of nowhere? Can they respond fast enough? Heaven forbid, it should happen whos protocol do they use. Their company or the company they are subcontracted with? What a potential legal mess. If someone gets hurt, will you have to file homeowners claim for medical expenses, loss of worker wages, and mental anguish?

Our company carries workman’s compensation insurance on our employees. If they get hurt on the job we pay! We bring you peace of mind knowing our dog walkers are employees of the company.

Let Us Help You

We’d love to help you and your dog get the benefits a professional, highly trained dog walker can provide. Call 770-695-3096 for more information or you can schedule your dog walking 24/7 through our secure pet care portal: https://2pawsupinc.petssl.com/login




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