Snellville Dog Trainer: Can I Teach My Dog Not To Jump On People?

Is this your dog when visitors come to your home? They perform the happy dance, leaping and jumping. Does this happen all the time, and do you find it escalating?  If so then read more…

How To Teach Your Dog Not To Jump On People

  1. Dog JumpingStart by teaching your dog how to greet you when you come home. Give your pup the sit and stay command. A great idea would be to place a small mat near the front door. Your dog will learn that this is the mat where they sit to greet your visitors.
  2. Once your dog is sitting and behaving politely, you can greet the dog with gentle petting, and speak in a calm voice. The idea is to teach your dog how to greet you, then teach your dog how to behave when anyone comes to the door. Training requires consistent daily practice for your dog to learn it. It will become easier as long as you consistently practice.
  3. You can practice this many times by going out and coming back inside. This will help to reinforce what you are teaching your dog. Dogs learn in short increments. Most dogs love to be trained and love the attention.
  4. If you have a dog that spends most of the day in the yard, you can still teach them to do this when they enter the house. Place the mat by the door they use to enter the home. Be sure to wait until they sit on the mat to be greeted or given the command to come in and make themselves at home.
  5. You will need to be patient and stick with the training every time the dog comes in. This training might be harder with a dog who has a lot of energy. It may feel like a lesson in patience. Be patient; good things come to those that wait.
  6. Over time your dog will learn to enter the house in a calm and civilized manner. Your dog will learn that when you come home, they are to greet you by sitting at the door patiently, and not doing the happy dance, or jumping up.
  7. Now, you can start with one to two people coming over. Have your friends give a friendly knock on the door or ring the doorbell, then get your dog to sit on the mat in a greeting position near the door. Do not open the door until your dog is calm and in the sitting position. No matter how long it takes, it more important that they do it right. Be sure to praise your dog when he or she gets it right.
  8. As your friends enter the home, the dog must remain in a calm sit position. Once the dog is calmly sitting, you may have your friend pet your dog and talk with a calm, soothing voice. Let your dog sniff your guest; then your friend can have a seat. At this point, your dog can join you in the living room with your guest. You may want to try this first with your patient, loving dog friends!

The Key Is Patience And Consistent

Whatever you do, please be patient and consistent with your dog until it becomes conditioned with them. If you would like additional help, 2 Paws Up Inc Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and Dog Training have a dog trainer on staff who has 16 plus years of experience in dog training and behavioral dog training.

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