Why does my cat keep knocking things off the shelf?

We have all seen all of the YouTube videos of cats being jerks or thugs and knocking things over. However, one thing that you may not be aware of is that cats have many these perplexing behaviors hardwired into them from being predators and then becoming domesticated. We have to understand the behavior of a cat to make sure that we know who they are and why they do what they do. Cats who knock things over can be a safety issue for pet owners.  What to look for:

Why Do Cats Insist on Knocking Things Off and Over?

Some behaviors are easy to understand, and there are others that do not make sense to anyone. A few of these include the fact that your cat loves to knock things over and push them on the floor for no reason at all. Many people have asked this question for years. That is one of the main reasons that it is important to make sure that your cat’s know where they should be going and where they should not be going. It is very clear if you find cat fur in an area where your cat should not be.

One of the main reasons that you may see that your cat is knocking things off of the shelves in your home is your cat’s natural desire to prey on things around them. That means that they may be using their paws to explore and to test the objects around them. When they can touch an item around them, it helps them to understand the context of what they are looking at. The pads on the foot of the cat are extremely sensitive.

If the behavior is going to continue will depend on how you react to your cat, and that means that if you get upset, your cat may continue the behavior just for the attention. Whether or not it seems to make sense, cats want attention, and that means that they will try to get it even if it is negative attention.

  1. Cats are excellent at finding ways to get attention, and that means that if they feel that they are being ignored, they will begin to knock things over and try to get a rise out of their parents. Make sure also that you put away all of the fragile items.
  2. Another reason that your cat may be knocking things over is that he or she thinks it is fun. That means that they love to see what they can play with as well as how they can get into trouble. One thing that you can do that will help with is making sure that you are scheduling plenty of time with your cat every day and exercising with them.

When it comes to knocking things over, it may be something that your cat likes to do to express himself, and it may be something that he cannot stop doing. It is important to make sure you put away anything that could endanger you or your pet; that is sentimental or both.

Do you have a cat that you find knocks things over while you’re away? We can help, by having one of our loving pet sitters come to your home every day while your away. We can be sure that they will not hurt themselves if they do knock over your favorite vase. We will pick up the pieces, check your pet for any injuries, and keep you informed by sending you daily journals with pictures at each visit directly to your email. Give us a call 770-695-3096 or send me an email barbie@2pawsupinc.com to discuss your kitty cat care.



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