Get Outside! 3 No-Pull Harnesses for Hikes & Walks

With the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having (okay, except for the smoke from the North Georgia wildfires going on right now), you might feel more apt to get outside with your dog on the weekends. Even though 2 Paws Up’s dog walkers might be walking him or her for you on a regular basis as well, there’s nothing quite like getting out in nature with your dog to bond and get him out of his routine. Getting outside is a perfect way to feel more grounded in your life too, and who couldn’t use more of that?

Georgia is full of beautiful places to hike with dogs, even if you don’t consider yourself much of an outdoor person or skilled hiker. You don’t necessarily even have to buy a whole bunch of gear to get started. But there are a few products that might help walking your dog a little easier, especially if you have a strong puller or dog who is easily distracted.

Whether you’re interested in hiking or just going to a park or around the neighborhood, here are 3 of our favorite harnesses for a smoother, more enjoyable walk for both you and your dog. These harnesses will encourage him to pull less without putting pressure on the throat and hopefully save your arms!

Gentle Leader Headcollar

A long-standing staple for owners of strong dogs who pull, the Gentle Leader fits around your dog’s face in such a way that they are gently reminded to stay on track beside you, yet they are still unencumbered enough to eat and drink water while wearing it (important when you’re on a long adventure!).

Gentle Leader Headcollar



These harnesses are very strong and durable, and some can even convert into seatbelt harnesses for the drive to and from your outdoor adventure, so it’s like you get two products in one. Some have plastic buckles, and some have metal interlocking buckles. They’re comfortable and easily adjustable with chest and back leash attachment options.



With a variety of types to choose from, this brand is focused on comfort. Your dog can wear a breathable mesh harness or even one with padded cushions for their armpits to prevent skin irritation. These harnesses are advertised as guaranteed to prevent your dog from pulling.


Remember to respect leash laws wherever you end up going, and let us know what your favorite local hiking spots are below or on Facebook or Instagram!



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