Just like us, dogs can also get acid reflux. The condition in dogs is referred to Gastroesopogeal Reflux which is a condition that has gastric and intestinal fluids that connect the throat and the stomach. That means that the condition may show up when there is a relaxation of the base of the esophagus and also this may cause chronic vomiting. The reflux is very common in dogs, it can occur at any time and it seems that younger dogs are at a greater risk than older dogs.

This gastro intestinal acid, is called pepsin, bile salts, and there are other kinds of juices as well as mucus that can lead to the inflammation and the swelling of the esophagus as well when they come into contact with the throat.

The condition is able to happen in dogs and also in cats and is important to make sure that it is treated as quickly as possible in the event that it is seen in all dogs.

What Are the Symptoms of This Condition?

This condition can cause all kinds of damage and also may be the source of different levels of damage. What that means is that it can actually erode the lining as well of the esophagus, it can damage the internal layers and cause many problems.

The issues with the dog can cause many symptoms such as vomiting, pain, as well as swallowing, lack of appetite, and also many issues with weight loss. An exam will not show any findings but it may also lead to other problems like fever and also salivation and drooling.

What is the Cause of This Condition?

The causes of acid reflux can also happen any time when there is an anesthetic that is administered, that happens because there is then an opening that happens between the stomach and the esophagus. This happens when there is an improper positioning that happens with the pet during the process and that means the dog may not have the proper process of anesthesia. This will cause acid reflux in the dog.

There is also a congenital condition that causes this situation as well that is called a hiatal hernia and it is the reason of the reflux as well. Younger dogs are always at a greater risk than older ones to get the condition because they are still developing the proper closing and functions as well. This will also lead to long term vomiting as well as other risk factors.

What is the Diagnosis for This Condition?

The best way to diagnose the condition is by an esophagostomy which is an examination with a camera that will look at the inside of the esophagus. That also means that this is the best way to determine what is happening in the throat as well as look at the reflux issues that are happening. There is also an exam that may look at the surface of the throat and look at the mucus. There also can be a lot of issues as see that there is bleeding in the throat.

There are many other diagnoses that also can come from a caustic agent as well as a foreign problem that can appear as well as or a hiatal hernia. There are also many other issues as well that are in the throat and in the mouth, there is also another condition that happens in the muscles when they are not working properly and they are not able to push food into the stomach.

What is The Treatment for This Condition?

There are many treatments that are able to be done at home such as getting rid of food for one or two days and also allowing there to be a healthy regimen for the pet. You want to make sure that you are working with your vet to know what you should be doing and that means that you need to be making sure that you listening to the advice of your vet and that you are able to ensure that you have to reduce the amount of fat that is in the middle of the muscle and also that you reduce the amount of protein as this is what will stimulate the production of acid.

There are many medications that are also available that can be administered with the assistance of your vet. It is very important to make sure that you are able to have access to the best solutions out there and work with your vet.



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