How to walk your Shih Tzu

maltheser shi tzu portraitWe love these little dogs with their plumy tails, their big brown eyes and the haughty way they strut, saying, “I know you’re looking at me.  Because I’m GORGEOUS!”

Shih Tzus are happy, lively dogs who adore being with people. Add their compact size into the mix and you can see why they are so popular.

The challenge with walking these small dogs is that they need exercise to keep themselves trim and healthy but as they have little paws, they do overtire easily. Also, if you exercise in busy places, your pet may worry about being stepped on.

What we recommend is that you focus on packing in the fun in a small time frame.

Adult Shih Tzus need 15 to 20 minutes of exercise twice a day, with puppies needing 10 to 15 minutes.  Regardless of age, they love going for walks but they also adore playing fetch.

So what we suggest is this: to accommodate little paws, find a dog friendly park.  If it’s nearby, then do walk your pet there.  However, if the street is busy or it’s more than a two minute walk, then carry your pet to the park.

When you get there, enjoy a short walk where you take in interesting bushes, trees and get your business over with in comfort. Then take out a ball and play fetch.

Keep an eye on your pet. When you see panting, or a slow down in running and bouncing, spend a minute or so with a cooling off walk and then go home for a bowl of water and a nap.

Too busy?  Get us to walk your pet!  Call us 770-695-3096 we would love to walk your little or big furry family member.



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