Did you know cats yodel?

G-QGSUUbSoUY7Mre7KO79FKhsci6JfFb-XGNNuPj8nIOur pets are very vocal and cats make noises that are very expressive as they are very complex and they vocalize to us to let us know when there is something that needs our attention or that they want to communicate with us.

Cats know how to yodel and it sounds very mournful when they do it. If it is in the middle of the night, do not be surprised if you think that you now have banshees who are wandering about your house.  This is something that many cat owners think that it means that their cat is in distress; however this is not the case. This is usually a way that cats advertise that they are ready to mate. Female cats lets the males know that they are ready, and males do it to get the attention of the females.

There are a few sounds that only cats make. One of them is called the chortle, this is a happy and a greeting sound, and this is an upbeat sound that only cats know how to make. Another chirping noise which has been dubbed the wacka-wacka happens when cats look out the window and when they look at birds that are nearby. Of course, the best sound that you can ever hear is a cat is the purr.

We are not really sure how cats make the purring wound. What is very clear is that almost all wild cats purr as well as the domestic ones. What that means is that it is a sound that we all love to hear and that means that a cat is content.  Sometimes, however, people debate about whether the purr is a noise that cats make when they are happy or if it is a sound that is made when they are distressed. What is clear is that it is an unusual noise and not one that we are accustomed to hearing in other animals.  Cats are the only animals, and specifically domestic cats that purr on inhale and exhale. This is something else that large cats cannot do.

Understanding Your Cats Body Language

The movements of a cat that are silent are also as important as the vocal ones which are very different from the way that we humans are used to communicating. Cats are very defensive and typically will not attack unless they are provoked. However, once they are provoked, there is no telling what a cornered cat will do. Cats will attack and go on the offensive if they are feeling threatened but this is something that almost never happens.

Cats are introspective but are also very in touch with the outer world and that is one thing that is always a mystery for an owner when you look at them you have to wonder what they are thinking. However if the ears are pinned back you can definitely tell what they are thinking. This means that they are anxious or they are about to go into attack mode. If you notice that your cat has very open eyes as well that it is relaxed, this will indicate that your kitty is relaxed. You will also see the eyes wide open and the ears pinned back when the cat is scared.

When you look at a cat and you see that their pupils are dilated this is a warning that they may be able to strike. You need to back up and look at him. The way that the cat is using his or her mouth is also an indication of how he or she is feeling as well. When you see that the teeth are shown, this is a warning that the cat is about to strike. When you hear a hiss, this means that you are being warned and that the kitty is not about to be so cute anymore. Cat’s use their tail for many reasons and it shows you how they are feeling and thinking. When you see a cat with a straight tail, it is the indication that the cat is leading you somewhere. If you see a cat with a tail that is swishing back and forth, it could indicate that they are about to attack you. When a cat is almost wagging their tail like a dog, it is an indication of love, happiness, and affection.

Cats do not speak but they are able to communicate in so many more ways, is it any wonder that we are so in love with our pets who keep us so mystified.

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