#1 Cat Sitter Pro Tips: How to make friends with new cats

RSZ6VAoOfsUAxXS273Nd2mSXmN178CJis6PKnCpX170If there’s one thing all cat lovers know, it’s this: If there was an Olympic Gold medal for cold shouldering, cats would be tops every time, no contest.

Some cats have a wicked sense of humor.  They’ll listen to you tell people, “Oh don’t worry about coming around, my Smushy is a super social kitty!”  “She’s just heaven with visitors!” And then sit with their back to the room, every furry inch expressing disdain.

Others are fine with friends but terrified of new people. Those kitties will act as if the sitter is a serial killer and spend the entire visit quivering under the sofa.

Pro cat sitters don’t worry too much about these situations because there are ways to make friends.

  1. First, adopt the slow and soft approach.  We always walk slowly and speak gently. That way the cat knows we’re not going to do something crazy all of a sudden.
  2. Second, we get on their level. Cats approached from above feel threatened, so the best thing is to lie on the floor.  It also means you can have meaningful eye contact if the pet is under the bed or sofa.
  3. Third, offer a treat and be available for stroking.  If it’s near dinner time, and you happen to be holding out a particularly favorite treat, a shy kitty may be persuaded to come out just for a snack – and stay for some whisker rubbing.

Mostly though, we have lots of time. Cats are sensibly cautious and we respect that. So if the first visit doesn’t quite work out, that’s okay.  We can work up to being friends.

After all, a cat’s friendship is a treasure worth waiting for!

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