Who will be coming into my home?

It’s natural that you want to know who your pet sitter will be.  Especially if it’s your first time.  How do we select our Pet Sitters?

Julie and gorgieOur Hiring Process

Step 1: Phone interview and then a face to face interview with the potential employee.

Step 2:  We call all professional references supplied to us by the potential employee.

Step 3:   Each potential employee obtains a background check from the police department.

Step 4:  We perform a working interview.

Step 5:  Each employee is on a trial period. We make follow-up calls and send out evaluations to our clients to make sure they are satisfied with the work done by their Pet Sitter.

Step 6:   We continue to run ongoing evaluations of each pet sitter to assure that they are adhering to the standards of 2 Paws Up Inc.

Step 7:   We have monthly team meetings and trainings.

What happens next after you decide to use our services?

  1. We send you a Welcome to 2 Paws Up Inc Services letter.
  2. We send you an invite to login into your secure pet sitting portal where you will complete information you would like us to know about your pets and your home.
  3. A pet sitter will contact you to set up the meet and greet consultation.

If you do not like or feel the sitter we send is not a good match for your pets, for any reason, we will send someone else.  We want you to feel 100% comfortable that you have the perfect Pet Sitter.

What are the benefits of hiring a pet sitting company with staff?

The larger more established company has procedures and systems in place.  Having a company that has staff, as well as, procedures and systems in place would matter a lot to you if you were at the beach, and the small single owned company calls and says they are sick or in the hospital and cannot take care of your pets.  Perhaps they are taking a vacation the same time you are. What do you do then?  Call all your friends, relatives, or even neighbors to take care of your pets.  What happens when you cannot find anyone who can take care of them.  A larger more established company has backup sitters, and systems in place.

We have an online scheduling system that will email you pictures and a journal at each visit.  So you can check on your pets any time of the day or night and see that someone has been there to feed, play, and love on your pets.



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