The 4 Characteristics of a Professional Dog Walker

Be The Person Your dog Thinks You areDo you remember the last time you needed repairs done in your home?  Perhaps you had a water leak in your home and needed it repaired.  You had seen ads online for a professional repair company in your area.  But, then a friend said that they know someone who knew “the best repairman ever.”  You asked many questions and discovered that they just make repairs for fun.

Would you hire the professional company or one who does it just for fun?

Now, ask yourself the same about a dog walker.

Would you trust your beloved dog with a dog walker who just walks dogs for fun or would you rather have a professional dog walker?

Let’s look at 4 characteristics of a professional dog walker.

1.   It’s a business.

A professional is running a business.  They want to stay in business. They will meet the needs of their clients and provide a professional service.  Otherwise, they will be out of business.  A professional company will have a website, information about those who work for the company, and be able to provide references and testimonials.

2.  A professional is insured.

Having insurance is essential for the professional and for the client.  If the dog walker or the dog is injured while walking, insurance will ensure that the client will not be out of pocket for what might be several hundreds of dollars.

3.  A professional has a backup plan.

When the dog walker is sick, a loved one passes away, or their car breaks down, for instance, a professional company will have a backup dog walker to ensure that your dog will not miss their walk.

4.  A professional will keep in touch.

When you hire a professional company to walk your dog, you will not have to worry whether the appointment has taken place.  A professional company like 2 Paws Up, Inc, will inform their clients that the dog walking has taken place and your dog and home are fine.  Thus, providing you with peace of mind as you go through your day.



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