Poisonous Plants That Your Dog Must Not Eat The Top 10 Most Dangerous

Lilly BlogWhen your dogs and cats are outside or inside there are chances that they might be exposed to dangerous plants and animals. One thing that is extremely important is making sure that your cats and your dogs are safe from things that would kill them. Here are the top 10 most dangerous plants your pet cannot consume.

  1. Lilies: Although these flowers are very beautiful, they are very poisonous to your pet and can kill them with the slightest ingestion of the flower or any of its parts.
  2. Marijuana: This is one of those plants that can cause havoc when it is ingested by our 4 legged friends. It can result in depression as well as also in an increased heart rate for animals and can lead to seizures and heart attack.
  3. The Sago Palm: This is another plant that looks beautiful but it is very deadly, and it has nuts which are full of toxins. When a pet eats these, it can bring on vomiting, dizziness, and even death.
  4. Tulip or Narcissus Bulbs: These are beautiful but deadly and they have toxins that will cause drooling, loss of appetite as well as convulsions and cardiac arrest for your pet.
  5. Azalea also known as the Rhododendron: This innocent looking plant has gray toxins which produce all kinds of vomiting and sickness in your pet and can lead to a coma.
  6. Oleander: This is poisonous to humans as well so it should be no surprise that this will be toxic to animals, there are many issues that can lead to hypothermia and death in pets when they are not watched.
  7. Castor Bean: This is a bean that is very toxic and high in protein and it causes pain as well as weakness and tremors, coma, and death.
  8. Cyclamen: This is a plant that contains a poison in the root of the plant that grows wild. When it is ingested by a pet it causes vomiting, as well as coma and death.
  9. Kalanchoe: This is a plant that can give your pet a heart attack, it is a wild plant that you can also find in almost any forest and sometimes that also grows in the woods. If you pet ingests it, it is critical to have them examined immediately.
  10. Yew: This is a toxic plant that can paralyze the central nervous system and can also cause difficulty breathing and swallowing. This can also cause immediate death if it is not treated properly and quickly.

If your pet ingests any of these plants, it is very important to call your vet right away and to ensure that you have your pet to the vet to see their doctor and get looked at. Many of these plants are fatal and they can have long lasting, or death side effects on your pet.

There are many things that are common place today that are fine for people to ingest but they do not have the same effect on the bodies of pets. As you know pets are very different from us in their physiology and a large part of that are differences in the way they function as well as in the things that are dangerous for them.

One thing as a parent of a kitty or a puppy is that you need to know what is dangerous for your pet to consume. This way if anything happens you will know right away what was ingested. In addition to this you want to make sure that you are weeding your lawn and removing all of the dangerous plants that might be poisonous to your pet. Make sure that you know what grows in your area and that you are completely ready to help deal with a crisis in the event that one arrives. If you are familiar with everything, try to make a plan as well that will involve taking some of what the pet accidentally ingested to the vet with you. If you have something that you are not sure what it is, then the vet will be able to run an analysis on it and will be able to determine what is in the ingredients. That will give your pet a fighting chance at getting the right treatment for their illness and that means that they will in the long term be able to live long and happy lives with you.



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