How to Show Your Dog Who is Leader of the Pack 3

How to Show Your Dog Who is Leader of the Pack 3

me and kenzieWhen you have many dogs in your home whether you realize it or not you actually have a pet dog pack, and there is also a pack that will develop in your house. Some dogs in captivity will show these traits and some will not, it is not really clear why some have it so strongly while others do not. That means that there are many dogs that are not as aggressive in the home as they would be outside of it. The aggressiveness that is a part of the mindset has in fact been reduced through breeding, domestication, and socialization.

However, in some of the dog packs there is a clear rank and order with there being one top dog that is the Alpha in the house, and all of the others are left trying to fall in line and be in agreement with the order of the rank. The order of all of these dogs can also fall in line based on the resources such as when it comes to food, water, and other resources, the top dog will always get the best resources. However, in some cases, this is not it at all and that means that it is more finders keepers and there is no rank and file order. Some dogs are also naturally friendly and do not have a problem simply with sharing.

How Do You Know Who Is the Boss?

There are many dogs that will form a strict hierarchy in the home and it hard to tell who the alpha is. There are many clues as well to tell who the boss is, you can tell by who grooms whom and who hangs around one another but there are always exceptions to these rules as well so it is important to note the differences that will apply in every situation. There is a very popular idea as well that shows that one dog who mounts another may also be a sign of dominance, it is also sexual, even if the animal has been spayed and can also denote playing with one another. Dominance is also a part of the age, the ability, the history and the motivations of the dogs.

  1. Typically older dogs will always dominate younger ones.
  2. Sexually intact dogs are always more dominant than those who have been fixed,
  3. The status can also have a big impact on who is on top as well. If there is a dog that has been in charge for a long time, he will maintain his status even when there are issues with his health.

One thing that will also help you make this determination is when your dogs are competing for something in the house. For example, of you see food fall on the floor is there one dog that will always get it. If there is a bowl of water and there are two thirsty dogs, do you already know who is going to be drinking the water? If you only have one place in the house that is comfortable for the dogs to rest and there is one dog that always gets that spot, chances are that you also will be able to spot the boss. Although, in situations where there are a younger and an older dog who are competing for the same spot, usually the younger dog will always give into the older, recognizing it as a sign of respect for the other dog.

You also will be able to tell who is wearing the pants as well by looking the body language of the other dog. One thing is for certain you can tell this in all ways when you look at the posture of the dogs, when one is more dominant than the other when it comes to when they face each other. If one dog always stands erect, and the other looks as if it is hiding or slouching, chances are you may have a boss dog in the house whether or not you realize it. This will often show you which dogs have a higher or lower rank based on the way that they are standing and how they react to one another. One thing that is also important however is to note that no one is reacting to the other in an intimidating or dominant way that would be dangerous or harmful to the other animal. If this is the case you may have a larger issue than you realize.



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