Top 8 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them

XdodQCz3XVjXk1Y9aEfVfZheYtkW5Ry9WoC1YsyuL9gYour dog is a member of your family as much as your mother, daughter, son, or brother, and for that reason it is very important to show your family members that you love them. That means that there are certain things that you do for family members that allow you to show your love. When your family consists of a dog though, those items are a little different. Here are the top 8 ways to show your dog that you love them.

  1. Take Your Dog Out to Exercise: When you go out and exercise it is great for you but also for your dog. Dogs that work out with their owners on a regular basis are much happier and healthier than other animals and it increases the life span of your dog by as much as 5 years.


  1. Pet Your Dog: Dogs are very social animals and that means that they are always curious. They will crawl in your lap in an attempt to get your attention, but also because they want to know all about what you have been doing. That means that you need to know that your pet is very curious about everything that you have been doing, who you have hung out with, and what you ate.



  1. Play with Your Dog: Dogs love affection and interaction and that means that they require playing outside, this is also good for you and allows you to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Playing with your dog will make you calmer as well as your pet and ensure that you are healthy too.


  1. Avoid The Hugging Urge: Although your dog may seem like it wants you to hug it, it actually does not. Dogs often feel overly aggressive when an owner decides they want to hug it. If you want to show your dog affection, instead try rewarding it with a treat. That means that you will be showing it respect instead of finding a way that makes your pet feel less canine.



  1. Give Your Pet Rewards: Your pet loves you and there is nothing that is more important to you pet than your adoration. For that reason, train your pet and let it give you love and for its love reward the dog with treats that you can get from a store or you can make yourself.


  1. Bond With Your Dog: Spend plenty of time bonding with your dog so that you are able to spend time on a regular basis doing your favorite activities. That means playing catch, watching television, and doing other things that will allow you to enjoy living with you dog and developing a schedule with the dog.



  1. Give Your Dog a Cozy Corner: As much as you want to know that you have a comfy place to go in your own house, so does your dog. That means that he or she requires a place to be able to rest his or her head as well as some toys to keep him or her occupied. This will let your pup know that they are loved and that you value them.


  1. Use Discipline: Make sure that you would discipline your dog in the same way that you would discipline you child. Your dog wants to love you but just like a child they need active correction and that means that you need to provide guidance for them on an ongoing basis. When you have a pet sometimes it is very easy to lose yourself in fawning over the animal like it is a child however you must stay in control.


There is nothing that is more important than showing your dog that you love him and that means that you need to be able to plan how to show him that. A large part of this means that you will need to know how to stay in control of the situation and that you want to stay abreast of all of the changes and the requirements in the behavior of your dog. You want to show him that you are the boss and that your dog is very well loved. There is nothing more important than spending the time with the dog as well as also ensuring that you are to follow all of the above guidelines so that you have a healthy and happy dog on your hands for many years to come.




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