How to Show Your Dog You Are the pack Leader Part 1

How To Take Back  the Dominant Role

When you have a dog in the house one thing that is very important is that the dog knows who its boss is, that means that you have to establish the rules of dominance with the dog early and that you have to maintain rules. Dogs need to have a role that is defined for them so that they will not cause problems for you in the long term.

Dogs can sometimes surprise you when they have had no issues before and all of the sudden they start to show separation anxiety and will do things that are destructive to your house. A dog needs to make sure that they know that their human owner is the pack leader and that means that they need to be educated in what they should and should not do on a regular basis. A dog that understands the chain of command within their pack will be one that will ensure that you are able to know your place as well as to find his place in your house. Here are the top 5 ways to show your pet that you are the boss.

  1. Take Your Dog for a Walk: This means instead of letting your dog lead you, lead your dog. Show him where you want him to go and where he should mark his territory. This will establish a firm chain of command and establish you as the pack leader.
  2. Always Eat First: If you have a dog that needs to be reined in, always eat first. This means that you will let the dog eat after you, but only at the appointed time. Dogs should never be allowed to eat table scraps, and they should also not have access to self-dispensing dog feeders as this puts them in control.
  3. Dogs should always follow their owners when they are going up or down stairs or when they are going in or out of areas, this will ensure that the dog understands his place in the command of things and that he is always following his owner instead of the owner following him. This is a great way to get in the head of the dog and establish the human connection as well as the chain of command.
  4. When you leave the room and come back in, even if it is for a few moments, you must always ignore the dog for a moment or two before you pay it mind when you come back in.
  5. Show your dog that you are in control by giving him a basic command each time you see him, this means that he needs to know that everything you are giving him, comes from his obedience and that you are always showing him respect for that obedience. If the dog does not follow your commands do not reward him or her with attention, affection or a treat.

As owners, one thing that we often forget is that we need to be in constant control of the dog that means that the dog must respect us. Many of the issues that are associated with dogs these days are not all related to the fact that owners do not properly discipline, nor do they handle the needs and the concerns of the dog. For that reason, there are many issues which have come into effect with dogs trying to run the show and owners being very frustrated and upset with their animals and not understanding why they are not getting the results they are looking for with their pets.

That means that as the owner you have to be responsible for the actions of your pet and need to show them how to be obedient to your needs and to your training of them. A dog will be happy when it is able to understand its place in the chain of command and when it is educated in being a proper member of the family. Too many times we are tempted to let the dog or pet run all over us and think of it as a member of the family, but then we need to realize that family members do not do some of the destructive behaviors that pets do when they are left to their own devices and that is what separates us from dogs and makes them need to know how to obey and listen to our commands and follow orders.



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