How to Choose Your First Snake as a Pet

Boa on handsWhen you are choosing a snake it is the same as it would be if you were going to choose a dog or a cat, it is very important to know what you want in a snake. That means that you need to be able to know all of the different kinds and know what you are looking for from that pet, you may be looking for an active pet or a more relaxed pet. All of these things will color the kind of snake that you choose to make a pet and for that reason there are things that are important for you to consider.

  1. Know what you expect of your snake. You may want a snake who is going to be smaller and one that is going to require less care. One thing to note is that the smaller the snake is, the less care that it will require and that means that you will be able to have a smaller cage for the snake and you will be able to feed it less. In addition to that you may also be able with a smaller snake to pick and choose the kind of food you give it. You will not for example, need to feed it live mice if you get the right kind of smaller snake. You may instead be able to get away with something that is a little easier such as frozen food. In addition to that some snakes like to be played with and others hate it. For that reason it is very important to make sure that you are thinking about what kind of interaction you are going to want with your snake.
  1. Some snakes require less care than others and are easier to deal with. You can choose a snake that is going to be a beginner snake and you will be able to choose one that is known for its easy temperament and not one that is going to be aggressive. One idea is to start with a corn snake, as they like to be picked up and are very easy to handle. In addition to this they are naturally very curious and will always look around and check out their surroundings. Other snakes that are also easy to care for include Ribbon Snakes, Black Rat Snakes, and Kind Snakes. These all have very similar temperaments are easy to deal with. If you want a snake that is less active you can check out a Ball Python, however, they are very large, and enjoy just hanging around your neck and shoulders.
  1. Remember when you are choosing a snake you need to think about the other members in your household. You would not want to have a huge snake in the house with a child or with a small pet and for that reason you really need to be thinking about the animal that you choose as well as about your family situation to ensure that you are picking the right snake for your house. When it comes to some of the best snakes you want to make sure that you are considering Corn Snakes and Ball Pythons for Medium Size animals.
  1. Make sure that you also think about the kind of snake that you are going to have for a long time, these animals live for a long time and you do not want to choose a snake that is going to live longer than you want to commit to.
  1. When you are choosing a snake, you want to make sure that you stick to the breeds which are going to be easier to deal with. That means that you should not choose a venomous snake as one of your first because you will have a long term issue with not knowing how to take care of it. For that reason you really must think about the right snake and the commitment you are making before owning one.

A snake is a member of your family, just like a cat or a dog and for that reason you must make sure that you are always choosing the right snake that is going to fit in, in your household. Without really thinking about this you could end up with a snake that requires too much upkeep or with one that you do not feel comfortable interacting with. When you have a pet, you must always choose one that is within your comfort zone.  We will be happy to help you care for your snake while your out of town.  We offer pet sitting for small exotics, and would love to help care for your snake while your out of town on holiday or that business trip.  Calls us for more information 770-695-3096.



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