Why Do Cat’s Meow?

Tiggy - Dawn's Cat BlogCats have a language all their own as any owner can attest, that means that when they are meowing, they are expecting something from us. But what does it mean exactly, and how can those meows be translated into people speak? Cat’s meow when they need or want something, here are the top 10 reasons that cat’s meow:

  1. They are in pain: If your cat starts to meow and never has before, it may be that there is some pain that they are experiencing. You should take the cat to the vet to ensure that they are in good health and that they will recover soon. There are many kinds of diseases that a cat may recognize but cannot verbalize, their natural response to these is to meow.
  2. Cats Like to Say Hello: Whether or not you realize it your cats are social creatures and time to time simply want to say hello. That means that they may just meow when they see you in the house because they want to gain your attention.
  3. Your Cat is Hungry: When your cat is hungry, they will meow, they do this because they want attention and they want to be able to gain your attention when they need it. This means that they need food right away, you will find them mostly meowing around the times that dinner is always served. This will mean that they are able to communicate with you and you will be able to speak to them.
  4. Cats Want Your Attention: Sometimes cats like people will want your attention and for that reason, there is a great way to ensure that their owners have their attention and that is to meow. This will get the owners attention and will also ensure that they are able to have the full attention they need when it is requires.
  5. Cats Want Inside: Many cats do not like closed doors and they will cry when they want to enter a room, and likely as well they will meow to be on the other side of the door the moment that they are in. Cats really do not like closed doors and they will do everything that they can to make those something of an alternate reality.
  6. Cats in Heat Meow: A cat when she is in heat will cry quite a bit, it is a warning to those around her that she is getting ready to produce kittens and is looking for a mate.
  7. Stressed Cats: Just like a person will complain when they are stressed out a kitty will cry as well to blow off steam and to let you know that they are not happy. In the event that you are not paying attention to them, this is a way that they know that will normally get your attention.
  8. When Cats Are Angry: When cats are angry they will also cry, the reason that they do this is that it will ensure that you know they are mad. They also will go about acting out by doing things like peeing on the floor and also destroying items that mean a lot to you. For that reason it is best to always note that your cats are happy and you are to and you will avoid this.
  9. Cats Don’t Want to Be Alone: If you have been gone or traveling for a long period of time, it is very important to ensure that you spend as much time with your cats as you can. That means that they rely on you as well as on your presence to feel safe.
  10. Cat’s Meow As They Get Older: If your cat is getting older, you can expect for them to begin meowing on a regular basis, they will begin to lose their brain function and increased meowing is a side effect of this process.

Your cat loves you and for that reason they want to communicate, try to understand all of the reasons that your cat may need to communicate with you. You will learn that as a an owner, if you listen to your kitty you will understand what they need and how they need it. For that reason make sure that you watch all of the signs and check to make sure that you are looking after your bundle of fur. Cats are in fact some of the best animals in the world and they will care for you, make sure you care for them.



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