Guide Dogs for PTSD and Other Ailments

seeing eye dogGuide dogs are something that are becoming more and more a part of daily life. In the past this was because they assisted people who were blind. However, people did not realize that they were good for more than that, they were great companions, and they also were a great source of love and affection for people who were in hospitals, retirement homes, schools, and also in hospice. They were great for anyone who had been in a stressful situation and there are great benefits from being around them. They are able to assist with creating greater oxytocin levels in people This means as well that dogs can also help people lower their cortisol levels as well which is a hormone that comes from stress. There are three main kinds of therapy dogs out there. There are what are referred to as Therapeutic Visitation dogs which are household pets who are taken to hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers or anywhere where they will be able to help people. These dogs help people who are away from their homes and are confined and this will allow them to feel better. Many people are happy when they are around these animals because they also brighten their day and mean that they will feel much more comfortable in the long term in their current position and where they will be in the future. The next kind of dog who is responsible for brightening everyone’s day is called the Animal Assisted Therapy dog. These are dogs that work with occupational and also physical therapists to help them meet goals when it comes to a patient’s recovery. That means that they work in rehabilitation facilities to assist in things like helping people regain motion in their limbs, as well as helping with hand eye control. There are many dogs like this that work in rehabilitation facilities. The main reason that they do is so that they will be encouraging for all of the patients who are on premise to assist them with recovery. The second kind of dog is called a Facility Therapy Dog, this god works in nursing homes and is paid to help keep many patients who are ill with memory degeneration from getting into trouble. These dogs are also handled by a trained handler who assists them with the process of recovery. The final dog that makes a huge difference in the lives of people is a service dog. This is a dog who works with a person who has a disability that cannot function for them. That also means that there are many guide dogs that can be used with people who are blind as well as those who need assistance. There are many other things that are assisted with other than just general navigation. Here are a few of them.

  1. Letting people with hearing impairments know that there are issues and that there was a loud sound.
  2. Pulling wheelchairs as well as carrying items as well.
  3. Helping people who have balance issues with gaining their sense of balance.

Many people have misconceptions about dogs and they have become a hot button topic in the media of late as many have decided that they should not be out there running around. Those people are often uneducated about what these dogs do and also about what they provide for the person that they are taking care of. That means that there are many people who need to be more educated on what it means to have a service animal. There have been many high profile cases in the media of late that have now started to enlighten people as to what these amazing animals do and how they help others, however there are many people who think that their prime and only responsibility is to help people who are blind and not to help others who have other larger disabilities. These animals are beautiful and sacred and must be treated with respect. A big part of this is knowing that there is a place for all of these animals and understanding where they fit in long terms of the healthcare as well as the wellness of others. These service animals play a larger role than we have considered in the past and a large part of this is going to be understanding where and how they fit in terms of our environment as well as the situation for the public and for everyone involved.



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