Viral Cats a Phenomenon No One Expected

Cute little red kitten sleeps on fur white blanket

We love our pets and we simply cannot get enough of our cats. In the USA the number one pet is the cat and that is with good reason. They are smart, funny, self-sufficient, and are always doing things that we wish we could do on our own. Many of the viral cats started out as just curiosities of their owners. They very quickly became overnight sensations and they went viral. In our cats we see ourselves and we also see what we wish we could be. Let’s face it when you think about they have the same traits as celebrities. Cats are beautiful and elusive, they strike a pose when you see them and they are also some of the most agile creatures that have ever lived. Is it curious that we love them? Not really when you think about it. Cats are in fact the people we wish we could be.

Cute little red kitten sleeps on fur white blanket

When Grumpy Cat first made her way onto the screen, people could not believe the face that she had and what a face it was, one that was naturally in a frown and that kept everyone guessing. Why on earth had people not seen her before? Her owners thought it would be funny to make a few viral videos, but what they did not expect is that she would in fact become such a sensation that she would have an almost billion dollar empire, and she is not even 3 years old. She also has a brother who has been making the rounds with her at film festivals, on late night television, and all over the world as no one can believe her face. In addition to that, she is the face of a brand of cappuccino and has 2 movies which are in the works.

In Japan, everyone knows Maru, he is the biggest thing since sliced bread in Japan and that is because of his hilarious habit of getting into trouble. Maru now has a friend in Hana who helps him with his antics. Maru is a Scottish Fold who loves nothing more than to lay in the sun and be pampered by his owner. She has often made him little shirts and caps and other little items that let Maru really have his own personality. In addition to this all of the videos of him jumping and getting into situations that are way too small for him continue to be mainstays on the internet. He is one of the most sought after stars in Japan and he gives a run for his money to any other celebrity that tries to outperform him.

In addition to these stars another that has been a huge success for many years is N2 and his pal Kona. These two kitties did a lot to raise awareness for taking in cats that were strays as they had an excellent run with their Supercat series. Now N2 has passed on but Kona and his new friend keep the tradition going strong.

There are a few cats which are on the rise and are trending all over Facebook, a few of these include Waffles the Cat who is beginning to pick up quite a following all over social media and is quickly becoming a star. In addition to him, there is also Luna the Fashion Kitty who is always posing for the camera and showing off her favorite outfits.

Whether or not you realize it, watching cat videos is in fact becoming an industry and that is simply because we cannot get enough of our furry friends who keep up entertained and who are always with us when we need them the most. Our fur-buddies should get an award for the amount of time that they spend with us and the amount of comfort they give us. It is sometimes easy to see with the phenomenon that cat videos have become why we want to make sure that we are able to enjoy them more and more.

It is easy to see why the Egyptians spent the time that they did worshiping cats and it is completely possible to see that they may become elevated to the level of gods again in the future as we look for reasons not to worship them. They are in fact the best things that we see when we are looking at them in ourselves and we can continue to live vicariously through our cats by watching those fun videos.

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