Let’s face it we cannot get enough of internet cats! Here they are…The Top 10 Internet Cats

Let's face it we can't get enough cats! Top 10 Internet CatsThe Top 10 Most Famous and Viral Internet Cats

Let’s face it we cannot get enough of internet cats, they are all over the internet and they are everywhere. We are going to look at the top 10 most popular and see why they keep making us smile.

  1. Maru: He is one of the most adorable cats anywhere and he is also no spring chicken, he was born in 2007, and he has been a part of our lives via his YouTube channel. He is infamous for jumping into boxes that he is too big for. His YouTube Channel has had over 200 million views.
  2. Grumpy Cat or Tartar Sauce: she is a famous cat that is known for her expression, she owes this expression to the Feline Dwarfism but she is also infamous and has many products. She went from no one knowing her to internet stardom overnight when someone put her photo on Reddit. She now has two upcoming movies in the works as well as a cappuccino line.
  3. Snoopy: She is one of the most popular cats in the world and she is a beautiful shorthair who has pictures taken of her every day. She is most famous for her sad eyes.
  4. Little Bub is one of the most recognized cats anywhere on the planet, she will always look like a kitten. She was first uploaded to Tumblr and then she was on Reddit and became on overnight sensation. She was born with a few genetic mutations such as the fact that her lounge always sticks out. She has osteoporosis and also a few other issues. She has touched fans all over the world, especially those with disabilities.
  5. Colonel Meow first showed up in 2012 and has millions of followers on social network. He has since passed away but he had millions of followers and was in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest cat fur in many different categories.
  6. Cooper is an American Shorthair cat that lives in Seattle, he has a camera that he wears around his neck that flashes a new photo every 2 minutes to make sure that he is able to have the best access to his fans.
  7. Nala is a gorgeous cat from Los Angeles, and she is cross eyed. She is most famous for her antics on Facebook. There is all kinds of merchandise out there if you are a fan and you can get it both online and in other locations whether you are looking for cell phone covers or t-shirts.
  8. Scarface is from Singapore and he is known for being a gangster. He has many injuries that have been made to his face because of fighting with other cats and he has been in his own calendar. He lives in the Recuperations Adoption cattery in Singapore.
  9. Hamilton the Hipster cat is known for his mustache and he is on Instagram. He has one of the best mustaches on the planet for a human or a cat.
  10. Streetcat Bob: This is a an amazing musicians cat that always follows his owner James Bowen. They have a book together that is called A Streetcat Named Bob that talk about the time that they have spent together over the years. He is according to some the ultimate escape artist and continues to deft all ways to get outside.


These are some of the most looked at cats whether they are on Facebook, YouTube or another platform and they continue to delight and entertain us. Cats and particularly viral cats are one of the best things that keep us all entertained and plugged into the internet. Whether you know it or not each year over 500 million cat videos are played. It is no wonder as well why that is the case as cats represent so much the playfulness as well as the adults that we all wish we could be. Vats are adorable and we all love ours as though they were members of our family but the thing that is also most important about that is the fact that cats are the best pets for us. As you grow attached to a pet they will become a member of your family, and that means that it has never been more important to love and treat them like the members of our family that they are. Cats are America’s most popular pet and if watching these internet cats left you with any doubt why, we are surprised.



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