The Twelve Friendliest Cat Breeds

a87a3a_c6c22665313cc72a07ef1ded9bc0ae40Exotic Shorthair

If you are looking for a feline lap companion, An Exotic Shorthair cat may be the perfect pet for you. They are well known for their loyal personalities and affection. They are often cautious around activity, so warming up to children or strangers may take them some time. Once you have an Exotic Shorthair’s heart they are a loving and dedicated companion. They have a short plush coat and come in many different colors.


The Abyssinian is active and intelligent among the many cat breeds and can quickly adapt to all of their surroundings. These cats are all about activity and simply enjoy interacting with people of all ages. Abyssinian’s have a distinctive tabby coat and have individual hairs that are different colors.


The Persian is a gentle breed that just adores attention. They aren’t very active but do enjoy being surrounded by others. Persians are well known for their long silky coat.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is very observing of everything around them.. They enjoy playing and interacting but since they have a reserved nature, Russian Blue’s take their time before interacting until they get comfortable with their surroundings. They have a silver- blue coat.


The Burmese is a friendly, inquisitive and outgoing cat. They are a great lap companion and are well known to have dog like behaviors. Burmese’s are very alert, intelligent and quite curious of all of their surroundings. They come in a variety of colors, from blue, pink- grey lilac and soft chocolate.


The Siamese crave attention and are curious. They are highly intelligent, athletic and love to play. Siamese cats tend to be helpful and like to watch your every move. They have a light colored coat with black mask, ears, paws and tail.


The Somali likes to play games, try puzzles and are eager to interact with everything. They have high energy levels and love to bond, which makes Somali’s ideal for agility training. They are longed haired and their coat colors differ from red, fawn and blue.


The Ragdoll is built for affection. They are very laid back and got their name for the limp body position they have when getting attention. Ragdolls tend to keep close rather than explore. They are very gentle. Many have been known to come when called and play fetch. Ragdolls tend to be floor cats, not jumpers. They are a semi long haired cat, with a soft silky coat.


The Birman likes playing games with other pets and children. This breed prefers to occupy themselves rather than rest in your lap. Birman’s have a flexible attitude so they don’t have a problem with warming up to new guests. They are born pure white and then develop color on points.


The Manx is known for not having a tail. They are very smart and observant. They love to play fetch and are quick to join in on social gatherings. The Manx come in different coat types. Some have long or short hair with colors including tabbies, tortoiseshells and calicos.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coons have a very friendly nature with other animals as well as people. They are the largest domesticated breed of cat. This breed can easily change their personality from playful to relaxed, which makes them a great travel companion. Maine Coon’s tend to take leash training easily. They have a heavy coat that is shorter on the shoulders, longer on the stomach and britches and come in a wide variety of colors.


The Sphynx is known for its lack of a coat though they are not truly hairless. The skin should have the texture of chamois and a fine layer of down. Sphynx’s are very loyal and devoted. They love attention and are mischievous.

When you are planning to bring a cat into your home, it is very important that you think and plan out the breed that you want to get. They are all very friendly, however you need to find the one that is going to be the right fit for your lifestyle. That means that you will need to take an accurate evaluation and find out all of your characteristics so that you will be able to find the right match for your home. Cats live for a very long time and for that reason this is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is one to make sure you give thought to and that you really consider.



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