Euthanasia in America With Cats and Dogs

Dog CollarWhen you look at your pet you can probably never imagine killing him for being alive. However, in the United States we have a situation where cats and dogs are overrunning our streets and many times the only solution for the Animal Control is to euthanize the animals. This is very unfortunate for many reasons.


-The United States is one of the few countries in the world where the number of animals is a problem.

-Many animals are homeless or starving because there is no one to look after them.

-The United States is one of the few countries without regulation for spaying and neutering.

-Euthanasia for existence is not fair to the animal, they are not to blame.


There is now a growing awareness around what the rest of the world is doing to keep this problem in check and it is something that we need to think about here in the United States. Did you know that every year in the United States over 3-4 million dogs and 3-4 million cats are killed in shelters every year. Of the total number of pets which are out there only around 30% are adopted.


In some cities in the US, the problem has gotten so out of control that there have been authorizations from some police departments to kill strays or adopt on encountering an animal. Imagine that, these pets are not even being given the ability to even be adopted before they are terminated. It is a situation which is completely ridiculous and also controllable. For that reason let’s take a view at what is happening here and in other parts of the world to change this trend.


Social media and Facebook in particular have given new tools to allow for the saving of animals. This means that a new number of animals have been able to have their lives saved because people have been advertising their needs on social media. Many animals are now getting saved because they are being rescued from shelters which are getting ready to end their lives by caring people who are able to get the word out in enough time that they are getting adopted. This is translating to huge wins for all of these animals who would otherwise not be saved from death.


These pages which are popping up all over the internet have both a national and local reach and are informing people who are thinking about adopting animals and are encouraging them to act fast and are saving many lives. Many people however, are still avoiding adopting animals because of the red tape which is sometimes involved in the process. Unfortunately it is required that there are often many background checks to be able to have an animal and that means that many people are passing on the opportunity altogether.


In other parts of the world however, the government makes it their business to make sure that all of the animals which are out there are being spayed and neutered, that means that if you want to be a breeder you have to have permission. In Europe now that these laws have been implemented, there is no more euthanasia, there are also no places where animals have to be kept. The law was able to correct itself by allowing citizens to take responsibility for their pets. In addition to that, there are strict laws which punish animal abuse which are similar to the way that people define human abuse in other countries as well.


There is a respect for life in Europe of all forms of species, whether you are talking about human, animal, or any other kind. This change in the law has also affected the level of education that people have about animals and has made sure that when a pet owner decides to take in a pet that they keep them for life. Any owner of a pet who is caught tossing the pet out will be fined and also could face charges for animal cruelty.


We bring pets into our home, we treat them like family. Why is it that when they need us the most and they are ill, that we abandon them? There are also many programs in Europe which do just that, they allow for the owners to have government assistance when it comes to caring for their pets. That means that animals will get the care that they need and no one suffers with the burden of euthanasia.



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