New Puppy Comes Home

a87a3a_2338af08e5b7b31f61b526ab43f933b4In order to keep bringing home a new puppy a joyous day, preparations should be made before the day comes. If the first day is tightly scheduled then it will cause smooth sailing.


Preparations to Make Before Bringing Home the Puppy
The very first and important step, is for the entire household to agree on the breed, age, and gender of the puppy that is coming in to the family.

The following are proper steps for scheduling for a new puppy:
-A member of the household should be appointed to take the puppy to the place that is indicated for the puppy to do their business (yard or newspapers). The time should also be scheduled for when and how often this should be done.
-Puppies need to be fed 3-4 times a day so someone should be appointed to do this chore as well. Times that this is done should also be scheduled.
-So as to not lose track there should also be just one person appointed to keep up with the appointments that need to be made for the puppy to have examinations and immunizations.


A helpful topic to discuss amongst the household would be which words to use with the puppy. Everyone should be using the same commands for the puppy as to not confuse the pup. If there is more than one word being used to tell puppy to sit, the humans will become very frustrated when the puppy doesn’t listen because the puppy doesn’t understand. To make sure everyone is on the same track it would be smart to write puppy’s commands down and post it somewhere for all to see like the refrigerator. Anyone who will be helping with the puppy whether it be household members or hired help, the commands should remain the same for the pup.


When the puppy comes home he will need his puppy supplies immediately. There will not be time to go buy it from the store then. The puppy’s supplies should be purchased before the puppy comes home.

The following are examples of some of the supplies needed for puppy:
-Puppy food
-Food and water bowls
-Chew toys
-Grooming tools
-Identification tag
-Odor neutralizer

It may also be easier to purchase these things online or from a catalog in bulk before puppy comes home.
The new puppy owner needs to puppy proof the puppy’s environment.

The following are some ideas on how to puppy proof the household:
-Tape loose electrical cords to baseboards
-Remove plants
-Placing harmful cleaning chemicals in high places
-Remove breakables
-Remove rugs
-Install gates
-Set up the crate

To be sure all things have been thoroughly thought through the owner may lay on the ground and look around to see what the puppy may see and get in to.


If children are present in the household it is important to sit them down to tell them the new puppy rules. It is not good to crowd or overwhelm the puppy right away. The children should not fight over new puppy. Puppy should be able to escape if desired in which children should not be allowed to chase puppy when the puppy is trying to get away from them.


Steps to Follow When Picking up Puppy
Before leaving the puppy’s old home the new owners must know when the puppy last ate. It would be easier to ask what puppy’s schedule was like with them so that the puppy may stay on the same schedule for the first couple of days to help adapt to his new home. Feeding puppy the same food will also help avoid stomach problems or complications. In order to successfully switch puppy over to a different type of food it is important to wing them off as opposed to switching right away making it easy on puppy’s tummy. The puppy should slowly be put on the new food during the first week. The new food should slowly be added to the old food at less and less portions until it is no longer being fed to puppy.


The puppy’s new life should start out with structure. The puppy should ride in a crate or on the back seat of the car during the ride home. If puppy is immediately put on the ground and free to roam puppy will learn bad habits right away. Instead, it is important to show puppy where the place to eliminate is acceptable. Puppy should be shown where to do this before coming in and getting comfortable. The puppy should not go indoors unless they go potty.


After this first and important step it is time to go about executing the feeding, napping and playtime schedule for puppy so it will become a stable schedule for puppy as well. The puppy should have family time but also time alone as well. Since the puppy is not accustomed to being alone the puppy whimper and cry. It is important not to give in when puppy does this. If the puppy gets their way they will know that all they have to do is make a lot of noise and people will jump and give the puppy what he wants creating a very bad habit. Only give the puppy when the puppy is showing desirable behavior such as napping quietly or chewing on a chew toy instead of furniture.



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