How to Choose A New Purebred Puppy

1199825_shar_peiThe first step to adding another family member is to decide which breed matches a family the best. These decisions should be based on the temperament and traits of each breed. Research and keeping a family’s own traits in mind is best.


Finding a Breeder
The next step is to find a great breeder who is known for having healthy and well-tempered puppies. Breeder ads can be found in newspapers, on internet ads, and also on their own breeder websites. Bad decisions are easier made this way unfortunately because some buyers do not do their research before-hand. This is an easy way to have access to an easy purchase. A great place to find recommended breeders is by visiting www.AKC.org and reading up on their breeder lists.


Pet Stores
When people think about pet stores, they automatically get the concern of puppy mills. Which are backyard breeders who normally breed purebred dogs in inhumane conditions. Most pet stores get their puppies from licensed breeders. These breeders are registered with the American Kennel Club or AKC. These breeders must go through inspections to make sure they have great living conditions. This registry is among many but it is the only one who puts breeders through inspections and licenses. AKC is non-profit.
Unfortunately puppy mills do very much exist. The American Kennel Club has been responsible for shutting down many of them. These backyard breeders or doing the act of breeding incorrectly. They have too many for them to keep up with and therefore, many go neglected and untreated. Most of these breeders will sell directly to buyers through internet ads. These breeders do not have licenses.


Dog Breeds and Health Problems
It is important to do research on each breed of interest. Certain breeds are prone for certain health conditions. There are however, things that breeders might do to decrease the chances of their puppies having bad health. There is also a website for dog buyers. The website is www.akcdoghealth.com. This website will inform the readers of each breeders and if they have taken proper steps for health screenings on puppies. It also lists if a breeder has done the same steps for the dam and sire before doing the breeding in the first place. The proper steps for breeders to take include genetic testing, pedigree confirmation, pedigree research, and temperament analysis.


Show Dogs
Even if a breeder is breeding show dog pups, they will still be willing to sell puppies as pets to the right home. These puppies do not necessarily have to become show dogs if the owner does not have the desire to do so. More than likely breeders will keep the best show dog pups and sell off the rest anyway.


Important Things to Ask Breeders
A buyer should know whether the breeder is registered with AKC or not. They really should be to consider purchasing one of their puppies. Then the potential owner should be allowed to visit the breeding facilities. If a breeder is hesitant more than likely they are hiding bad living conditions. The buyer should also be presented with proper paperwork concerning the sire and dam. This should be health screening certificates and pedigree. The breeder needs to give the potential owner of shot and health records of the puppy. Good breeders should also ask the buyer about the potential living conditions of the puppy and a little about the beliefs of the buyer to be sure the puppy will be taken care of well.


The Puppy’s Parents
If possible the potential buyer should ask to see both of the puppy’s parents. Seeing the parents of the puppy should give the buyer an idea of the physical appearance and temperament traits that run in the family. Sometimes the father will not be available for viewing as he may not live with the breeder. There are usually however, other dogs related to the puppy for viewing also. Unless the sperm for the puppy was purchased through the mail, it may be possible to get information on how to get in contact with the owner of the puppy’s father.


What Age To Bring Puppy Home
Between the ages of 8-12 weeks is the best time to bring a new puppy home. The time allotted for the puppies to become stable changes with breeds. Larger strong breeds can go home at the 8 week mark. Toy and small breeds may need to wait until the 12 week mark just to be sure they will be strong enough to make it. There are also state laws that need to be followed for the minimum age to sell puppies.



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