How to Choose a Dog Breed

Piper and BrookThey can do a number of things like lower blood pressure and reduce chances of depression. It is important to match a dog with the right person with keeping the personality of both owner and dog in mind. The dog should also mesh well with the entire family. A dog should be considered part of the family and be a family member for the entirety of the dog’s life. The dog should therefore be chosen wisely.


Dogs for Athletes: Dogs do not just bring companionship and love, they are also great for their owner’s health.
If someone is in search of a dog that will be a forever companion, they should really think about getting a dog that has the same interests as themselves. There are different breeds that would are athletic and would enjoy an athletic buddy.

Athletic Breeds are Usually Large Such as the Following:
-Doberman Pinschers
-Labrador Retriever
-Border Collie
-Irish Setter
-English Setter
-German Shepard
-Most Pointers


Kid Friendly Breeds
Almost every breed can learn how to love children. Certain breeds are highly known for their family friendly attitudes.
Breeds for Younger Children:
Breeds for Older Children:
Breeds for All Aged Children:
-Labrador Retriever
-Saint Bernard
These are just a few of the kid friendly breeds as there are too many breeds to completely list them all.


Breeds for the Busy Schedule
Most dogs belong in a pack like they have throughout history. There are some breeds that do not mind being independent and work well for a really busy owner. These breeds still enjoy companionship.
The following breeds are a little more independent:
-Alaskan Malamute
-Borzoi or Russian Wolfhound
-Chinese Sharpei
It may be easier for a dog to be ok without their human if there is another dog in the home. They do not have to be the same breed but it is important to make sure the breeds will interact together.


Very Needy Dog Breeds
If you love to love and give your dog tons of attention then you are going to want a very affectionate dog. There are breeds that always want attention from there human no matter the circumstance.
The following breeds are for the love bug owner:
-Chinese Crested
-French Bulldog
-Toy Poodle
The very needy dog breeds that also make great watch dogs due to barking are as follows:
-American Cocker Spaniel


Great Apartment Breeds
An apartment owner will probably need a dog breed that does not need a lot of physical activity. A yappy breed probably wouldn’t be good with close neighbors either.
The following breeds would be great for a small space living environment:
-English Toy Spaniel
-Bedlington Terrier
-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
More vocal breeds but still less physical activity breeds are as follows:
Breeds for Sleeping Problems
If an owner has a hard time sleeping at night, it is best to get a quiet breed.
The following breeds are known for being quiet and without snoring habits:
-English Sheepdog
Quiet but snoring breeds are:


Dog Breeds that Are Easy on the Allergies
Although there are breeds that are easier on the allergies than most, there is not a breed that will completely drown out allergens. Every dog has dander or dry skin in their hair. Every dog also has a protein in their saliva that a lot of people are allergic to. There are some breeds however, that produce less dander and shed less.
The breeds that are easy on allergies are as follows:
-Bichon Frises
-Portuguese Water Dogs
Breeds for the disabled
If an owner has a disability that limits their mobility, there are certain breeds that may work well with them. The owner will probably want a less athletic breed. This will be either very small so that the exercise is fulfilled with just house play or very large where the dog is just too lazy.
The following breeds will work well in this circumstance:
-Bull Mastiff
-Saint Bernard
-Basset Hound
-Shih Tzu


Breeds for the Social Butterfly
If there is an owner who loves to go to parties, or likes to meet new people, there is a need for a social breed to keep up. The breed would more than likely need to love meeting new people and not have a breed trait of biting.
The following are great breeds for the party animal:
-Clumber Spaniel
-English Setter
-Irish Setter
-Labrador Retriever
-Siberian Husky
-Bichon Frises



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