25 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat

  1. Every cat has front paws with five toes and four toes on the back paws. Your cat could have some extra toes, but only if it’s polydactyl. Many of polydactyl cats were founded in Boston, USA, which have to 8 toes and are known as “Boston Thumb Casts”.
  2. Did you know that cats born in ancient Egypt were used to protect crops from rats and other vermin? Egyptians were worshiping the cats and were ready to go so far as to mummify them after the death.
  3. Another interesting thing you didn’t know for sure is that cat can’t taste sweet things, because the taste buds of a cat can’t detect sugar. So don’t try to give your kitties a cupcake, as they will just turn around and go away.
  4. Kitty litter was originally made from sand, but in 1948 they found out that clay is way more absorbent.
  5. The flap door was invented by Isaac Newton.
  6. The cats are also able to see in the dark, they can see at one-sixth the level of the light, which is required for human vision.
  7. There were as well some famous cat haters in the history: Dwight D. Eisenhower (Commander of US forces in Europe during WWII) and Adolf Hitler (Commander of the Nazi forces during WWII). On another side we had some famous cat lovers: Robert E. Lee (Commander of the south during the Civil War) and Abraham Lincoln (Commander of the North during the Civil War). Abraham Lincoln was the president, who kept four cats in the White House.
  8. The cats purr at the same frequency as any idling diesel engine, which is around 26 purrs per second. Another animals as guinea pigs, rabbits, squirrels, lemurs, elephants, and gorillas purr as well. The cats purr continuously by flowing air past the voice box during inhalation and exhalation.
  9. Your cat’s ears are able to hear ultrasonic sounds and they use these sounds to communicate. Only the cat can hear those kind of sounds, when dogs or humans can’t.
  10. Cats use whiskers to measure if they are able to fit through an opening or not. Your cant’s collarbone doesn’t connect to any other bones, instead of that they buried in muscle. That’s what makes easier for the cat to squeeze through tight spots.
  11. Your cat would go blind, without Taurine, which is an amino acid that most animals produce on their own, but cats require it in their diet. Taurine is as well an ingredient in most energy drinks, but don’t try to give it to your cat, as they have Taurine already in their cat food.
  12. As a child Nikola Tesla was inspired by understanding the secrets of electricity after being shocked by static electricity from his beloved cat, Macak.
  13. Cats can run at 30 miles per hour.
  14. The brain of a cat is said to be as advanced as that of a toddler. That means that cats on average can remember up to 250 words.
  15. The IQ of the average cat owner is 20 points higher than that of a non-cat owner.
  16. Cats can live for up to 20 years.
  17. Cats are attracted to anything that emits motion and color.
  18. Cats are naturally wild animals and in the wild will breed with non domesticated cats such as bobcats and others.
  19. Cats see in black and white and cannot see color.
  20. The hearing of a cat is said to be 50x better than that of a human.
  21. Cats show their affection for you by accepting you as one of them.
  22. Cats will stand on their hind legs to appear bigger if they feel threatened.
  23. Cats love small tight spaces to sleep because it gives them a feeling of empowerment and safety.
  24. Cats are covered in a coat that thins out in the summer and can vary based on breed and location.
  25. Cats swim as well as dogs, the adage that cats cannot swim is an old wives tale.

Cats are considered to be some of the smartest and most well rounded of all animals on the planet. They are also one of the oldest domesticated animals as they have been with us for over 35,000 years. Cats are very much like people and will stay with the same family for years, many times lost cats will return home up to 10 years after they are lost.



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