Winterizing Your Pets

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether you realize it or not your pets are going to be in the middle of a situation once cool whether rolls around. Although you may think they are ready for it. You may be surprised to know that they are not quite ready for some of the colder days. While your pet may be outside and may be used to the cooler weather, fur is not enough to keep a pet warm and safe in the winter, there is a greater need for more than their beautiful and shiny coats. Here are a few ways that you will be able to keep your pets ready for the colder weather.

  1. Bring them inside!

If it is too cold for you to be outside you will note that it is also too cold for them as well. For that reason you want to make sure that you are able to keep them inside since they also are not able to keep warm against the cold weather. If your pet lives outside and if he gets wet he will also be able to catch a cold quite easily. For that reason it is very important to make sure that you are able to keep your pet warm and dry. If you can keep your pet indoors all of the time this will be much better for you and the pet in the long term, this way you do not have to worry about what will happen to them when cooler weather rolls in.

  1. Doggy and Kitty Winter Wear?

Having winter booties as well as little jackets in great for dogs, they love the extra warmth and always will look stylish and feel warm. Cats however do not handle so well when it comes to wearing sweaters and booties, as they will fight you every step of the way trying to pull them off and trying to make sure they are not wearing anything un natural.

  1. Fashion is for Adult Pets!

Remember that the fashion should be only for adult pets and that means that if your pets are older or are nearing the ends of their lives they should not be outside when it gets cold. Instead they should be inside as much as possible when it is very cold. Their coats as well as their fur are not meant to be a part of the extremely cold weather and for that reason it is very important to make sure that you are able to keep pets inside when it is extremely cold. When pets get older, or when pets are very young, they have thicker bones and thicker fur. As they age, just like with people, these thin out and it means that they are not able to be as comfortable and healthy in such situations.

  1. Pets Over Age 11

If you have a pet that is over 11 years old you should consider it to be an elderly pet. Did you know that if your pet goes outside without booties in the freezing cold, that it can in fact get frost bite? The bite can mean that the paws will crack and bleed in extreme situations. For these reasons it is very important to make sure that you are keeping the pets inside so that you will be able to keep them safe and warm.

Pets are members of your family and need to be treated as such, that means that as a successful parent a part of what you must do is realize their limitations and keep them warm and safe. Other predators are also an issue in cold weather, whether you realize it or not, depending where you live there are predators which prey on cats and dogs and which may kill them as food. If you live in a mountainous region you need to look out for bears, cougars, and wolves. Other smaller animals as well like eagles and even coyotes have been known to pick up and eat small cats and dogs in the middle of winter. As much as you are protecting your animals from cold, you are also protecting them from other predators. The laws of nature still apply to domesticated animals as much as to wild ones. For that reason make sure that you are able to give your pets the advantage and keep them indoors as much as you can this winter. Pets are members of your family and much be treated as such each day.



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