Why Your Pets Need Professional Training

031 (2)Doing things yourself works OK most of the time when you are working on a house or are making a small house project. If you want to make sure that your pets are well trained you will want to have the training done by an expert. That means that you will know in the long term that your pets are being trained in the best way that they can be. Pets need to be trained in many different ways and there is nothing that will offer better long term results than spending the time with them that is required to ensure that they are the best they can be.


For cats this can mean one of two things, either you teach them how to use the litter box or you teach them how to use the toilet. Cats can be easily trained to use the toilet and to flush it with the right training and coordination. In addition to that they can also easily be taught to use the litter box. Some cats may have issues with housebreaking based on how many other cats are in the house. Part of your responsibility as a parent will be to make sure that there are enough litter boxes for all of the cats in the house. When they feel they have no space they may go to the restroom on the floor.

Dogs also need to be trained that they should only be using the restroom when they are outside. That means that they need to learn to equate the restroom with walking. As a parent you need to plan on walking your dog as well at least 3-4 times per day. This will ensure that you are able to have a great time with your pets and not worry that they are not able to hold it. They will become well trained.

Not Scratching and Biting:

Animals are able to be coaxed not to scratch and bit on a regular basis when you are able to spend time with them so that they know what to expect from you. Many parents of cats and dogs do not know how to handle this and for this reason will have their cat or dog declawed. This is something that can easily be avoided based on the fact that animals will only do what they are trained to do. When you bring animal to training you will be able to show them not to scratch and bite.

Listening to You:

Many animals are not very good at listening and that all comes from the fact that they have not been taught discipline, this is something that can be easily changed as long as you are able to catch them when they are very young. Animals are able to be retrained and to be directed to be obedient as long as they learn while they are puppies and kittens.

All animals are able to learn an obedient temperament when they are trained in the right way, that means they will listen to everything that you have to say and will react to your voice without requiring any further stimulation than that.

As owners we need to realize that our pets are our family and that means that we must spend time with them and be patient with them as if they were our children and not as if they were our pets. Pets are also very intelligent, according to a recent study; pets are as intelligent as toddlers, which mean that they are more than capable of understanding up to 200 words as well as listening to many different commands at any time.

If you want to ensure that your pets are going to be completely well behaved, you must spend time with them as well as take them to training from a professional. We can coach them as much as we want to on our own, however, your rate of success if going to be much less than those of many others who are professionals. Since your pet is going to be with you for a lifetime, it only makes sense to take the time and spend with them so that you will be able to know them like the members of your family that they are. Pets should be trained to minimize the level of conflict in your home and you will be able to have the best relationship with your children in their forever home!  We have a Professional Certified Dog Trainer on Staff.  We can help!  Call us 770-695-3096



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