Black Cats and Halloween Safety

scrapsIf you have a black cat you must think about the fact that during Halloween people get really silly and for that reason people sometimes will kill and harm cats. The black cat has often been considered unlucky, however it is just in recent years that people have been taking the time to try and hurt them. That means that it is very important that you know this and keep them inside in a place where they cannot be hurt. You may be asking yourself, why would anyone want to harm a little cat? The answer is quite simple since the Middle Ages they have been associated with witches.

In the ancient world, cats were in fact worshiped as gods in Egypt. People would build tombs for cats and would ensure that they lived the high life. However, after Egypt they were not worshipped but were feared and respected as they did a lot for people by controlling all of the pests which scurried throughout the streets of the city. That meant that they were able to keep things clean and ensure that there was no worry on the part of the people of getting a disease or having a problem. However, during the Middle Ages when the plague began there was a rumor that cats were a part of the problem. This was assumed because they were not catching the rats fast enough and the rats were spreading the plague.

Cats also were often fed by wise and lonely old women; these women also began to be associated with cats as they were always together. One evening there were to men in Lincolnshire England who were on their way home in the Middle Ages, a black cat crossed their path and supposedly ran after the men ferociously biting and scratching them. As they then began to throw stones at the cat the cat changed into the naked form of an old woman. It was from that moment on equated that lonely old women were in fact cats and witches. They would do spells during the day and during the night they would go out and prowl for victims. This was the start of the scare on witchcraft which lasted in some fashion very late up until the Victorian Age. For that reason many women in the US as well as in Europe were burned at the stake for witchcraft and other similar charges which were ridiculous and allowed for people to really lose their senses.

Since that time, it has become a part of the folklore that witches and black cats were tied together. It also is not helpful as well for many cats that are portrayed in every kind of Halloween cartoon that is out there as something that is creepy and scary. For this reason when you are out and you are watching out this Halloween watch out for anyone who seems to be targeting black cats.

In recent years there has been a rush of people who try to kill our furry friends; people even go as far as to adopt the cats near Halloween before the holiday to kill them. Cats are good luck, they are great companions and they work to keep you healthy and happy. So remember do not buy into all of the hype. There is nothing out there that is scary about a black cat, there is no lady who can do spells who is on a broom stick associated with that alley cat either. He is just another Tomcat who is looking to have dinner and a warm place to sleep.

If you have room for a forever friend consider adopting a black cat for Halloween. After all every cat that is off the street and is in your home is another one that is being taken care of and is not the target of any kind of abuse at Halloween. Halloween is a holiday which should allow you to relax as well as have fun with all of the other kids out there, young and old. Remember that there is nothing spooky about our furry friends they are there just trying to be a part of your lives and a part of the holiday. Plan to give those pets in your life something extra special for the upcoming holiday. All pets, black cats included should have a comfortable home and be able to know that they are loved and well taken care of all the time.



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