Finding the Right Costume for Your Cat or Dog for Halloween

Winston Halloween 2014Finding the right costume for your cat or dog is something that is very easy if you know what you are looking for in a costume. Cats and dogs are very playful and look great in costumes, there has also been no better time to make sure that they look fabulous and are ready for the holiday. Plan a costume which will look and feel great and which will ensure that they are going to be in style for the holiday. There are many options out there which will allow you to find something that will suit your animals. You want to make sure that you have something which is going to be comfortable for them and will not be too constricting or difficult.

You can choose simple costumes which will have your pet looking and feeling great and will ensure that they are able to not be too uncomfortable. There are some great options out there from things which are as simple as a T shirt to other outfits which involve very detailed looks and the ability to dress up your dog as a celebrity.

Think of simple costumes, like a dog martini, if you still have the cone from the doctor’s office when your dog had some work done. You also can do something that will be funny and memorable. Think about the size and the shape of your pet. If you have a small dog, think about dressing him or her up as a superhero. There are many places which have costumes which are just for cats and dogs. You can also order them online anytime so that you will be able to find just the right fit. If you are not certain remember these general rules when you are planning a costume for your dog. Make sure that the costume is comfortable, this means that it should not be too tight, in addition to that, make sure that it is simple and your dog or cat does not begin to fight against the costume as you put it on him or her. If you are dealing with a dog or cat that is fighting against the costume make sure that you are then able to allow them to find something that is going to be more suitable to them.

When you have a pet you want to make sure that the costume is not too lose though or has any parts that are dragging behind him or her on the floor. This could mean that your pet would trip and it would make it very difficult to allow him or her to find their way around the house. For that reason find costumes which are suited to your dog or cat and will make sure that they are comfortable. That means that they are similar in size to your cats or dog’s body; they are not made up of small pieces which could choke a cat or a dog. When you are out as well with your cat or dog and are taking them around the neighborhood if you take them trick or treating, remember to make sure that they look great and are on a leash. You do not want to allow your dog or cat to wander too far out of view, that means that it is important to have them close by to you and also that you are monitoring the treats which people give your dog or cat.

For this reason you want to make sure that when you see people putting treats into your dog or cat’s moth that you are first inspecting them. Dogs and cats do not have the same systems that we do and a part of that means that we must be respective of everything that they eat and ensure that people is not giving them treats which are not healthy for their consumption. Spending time with your pet and allowing him to interact with children when trick or treating is very important, it means that you will be able to guide the dog or cat to all of the right places and that you will be able to have a great time.

Trick or treating and the holidays in general should be a time that allows you to enjoy your pet, a part of that means being prepared for anything that may come your way as well as spending time that will allow your pet to bond with you. It is a great holiday for all parties involved.



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