How to Train Your Cat to Behave Without Biting

a87a3a_c6c22665313cc72a07ef1ded9bc0ae40When you are training your pets to do anything you must realize that you must be patient, this means that you have to realize that all animals are going to do what they want to do on their time and that you will have to learn to be patient if you are going to achieve anything with them. Cats more than any other animal are almost completely self-sufficient, that means that you need to realize that sometimes that means that we need them more than they need us in their minds, that will translate to lots of not being able to train them and get them to react in the ways that other animals do like dogs.
When you are training a cat more than any other animal you must learn to be patient. Part of the allure of cats is the fact that they are in fact their own beings and that they are able to really love you and to appreciate you and are able to do so without being completely needy. The main reason for that is the fact that they are so fiercely independent. Cats have been a part of the domesticated world for humans for over 20,000 years; we have loved them, feared them, worshiped them, and even made them gods. A part of that process has also been learning to respect them and knowing that they are in fact some of the most beautiful animals.
When you have a cat, sometimes they can become very over excited after a short time. When you watch your cat you will notice that after 5 minutes they may start biting you. If they are doing this you need to stop petting them sooner. Time your cat and plan to stop petting them after 3 minutes and this will ensure that you are able to have a better timing when it comes to petting your cat. In addition you will need to start watching your cat and know when he is going to start biting, that means watch out for the signs; he will start kicking with his feet. You will see your cats ears go back and their claws begin to come out, all of these items are a sign that he is getting ready to tear into you. You will also see that his tail has started to swish back and forth, after that you will then be able to tell him that he needs to stop, you will then be able to start getting him to calm down.


Has your cat lived alone his whole life? Do not be surprised if he all the sudden begins to bite and claw when he is brought into contact with other animals for the first time. That means that you need to train your cat as early as possible in his life. If he is an older cat, it will take him time to learn that he should not be biting and clawing when he is surrounded by children. In addition to this you also need to know that your cat will react more aggressively than you are expecting sometimes. That means that you will see him doing things you are not expecting sometimes. You need to know that the older your cat gets you will need to apply more patience to the task.


1. Use a squirt gun to get him to stop when he is not listening to you. One little squirt from the gun ill teach him that he needs to stop it with the claws and the biting. Make sure as well that you are patient with him and that you speak in a low and even tone when you are telling him to stop. This will ensure that he is going to be better.


2. Speak to him with terms he will know. Let your cat know that you will not tolerate his behavior and you will be able to ensure that he is always doing what you want him to do. Speak to your cat calmly and reward him when he does what you want with treats.
Cats are very smart animals and are often as smart as toddlers. You would be amazed at the level of intelligence that they can show, that means they can easily be trained to ensure that they do not bite. However, as a cat parent, you must also train them in the habits you want them to show in the long term.

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