Why do Pets End Up in A Shelter?

Many times you may be wondering why it that pets end up in a shelter is. The reasons vary across the board but there are many reasons. Most of them have to do with the fact that their parent was not taking care of them. Here are the top 7 reasons:

  1. The animal is out and is not on a leash. Many communities have very strict standards about having animals on a leash, if they are not on a leash that means they can wander throughout the neighborhood and can wreak havoc on others. Ultimately when this happens a neighbor will call animal control and will have the dog locked up. People are afraid of loose dogs, particularly if they are large because of the damage that an unfriendly dog can do to elders or can to do children.
  2. Animal Abuse: Many times a shelter will be called to come in and pick up an animal that is the victim of abuse. That means that its owners were not feeding it and giving it the proper nutrition. In addition to that they may have been beating or hurting the animal. It is not uncommon to find animals which have been abused in a shelter and then they may have permanent scars which are as much a part of them as their fuzzy paws or their wagging tail.
  3. Dog Fighting: As much as we would like to think that this is not an issue in the US anymore, there are many locations where this is one of the best forms of entertainment. That means that two dogs are pitted against one another in a fight, often to the death. When this occurs it is quite often dangerous and that means as well that there are long
  4. Starvation: Many parents of animals will go off and will forget to feed their animals. It is heartbreaking and hard to imagine that it is possible to forget to feed your animals. However, if you do that you will be surprised at how quickly it is possible for them to get sick. One thing that you must realize is that when animals are domesticated they very quickly lose the ability to be able to hunt of their own accord. That means that it is extremely important for all of the parents of the animals to ensure that they are able to then be able to care for each other. That means that it is necessary as well for the animals to be fed on a regular basis.
  5. The animal is terminal: If there is something wrong that the animal gets sick, taking care of it can be quite pricy. For many people that mean that they may or may not have the budget to be able to move forward with the payments and the treatments which are required to keep an animal that needs this kind of attention alive. Instead of having the animal put down they then decide that it is easier to drop it off at a shelter and hope that someone will come and get the animal soon and adopt it without realizing that it is sick.
  6. The animal did not fit in the home: Whether you have too many children or too many other animals. Sometimes the house can be a bit too tight, for that reason instead of being proactive and finding a way to then find the animal another home. Many people take the animal which they believe the problem to the shelter. When this happens, sometimes the animal will be out down because the owner did not actively work to find a home for the animal.
  7. Animals are Improperly Trained: Many owners not knowing what to do and how to train an animal will bring it to the shelter so that it is then at the mercy of the shelter. The issue with that is that obedience or time spent working with the animal should be a part of any training procedure and should be expected of the owner if they are expecting to be successful with the pet. Ultimately since pets are outside animals it requires that they have training to be able to handle the indoors.

Animals go to the shelter for many different reasons. However at the end of the day the most important thing is if you are an animal owner you must take responsibility for your pet and keep it just like you would any other member of the family.



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