A Look at the Alaskan Malamute: An Excellent Pet

This beautiful dog was originally bred to haul freight because it is so strong. They have a few other relatives in this part of the world including the Siberian Husky and The Canadian Eskimo Dog. According to the American Kennel Club the dogs can be quite large ranging on average from 75-85 pounds. For that reason they are also some of the best dogs if you are looking for a dog which has natural strength, they also have the ability as well to pull up to 100 pounds.


The coat has two layers and is very thick which can mean that it can be over two inches thick. The coat itself on the outside is very coarse and stands off of the top of the body. The fur also has a wooly texture to it and is very coarse, the coat is very important to ensure that you are able to keep your animal groomed. In addition to this you want to have the opportunity to groom your pet on a regular basis as well so that you will be able to care for him. That means that you want to help him keep his coat very healthy and full on a regular basis and also take him to be groomed.

The ears of the dog are very beautiful and they are erect and stand on the head at attention. In addition to that there are also many beautiful kinds of ears for the dog. You will also be amazes at the power of the dog which is also bred for its beauty and its strength. The dog is also well known for its endurance and its shape. The dog has a beautiful coat and has many different variations of color that it can appear in. The dog can be many different colors of ash, sable, and red and white. In addition to that there are many wide ranges of colors. The Alaskan Malamute is famous for its almond shaped eyes as well for is beautiful dark eyes. Many of the dogs are also famous with blue eyes as well as also with other colors which can sometimes be green or blue.

The AKC also calls has a tail which is referred to a corkscrew tail, this is also seen as a breed standard and is similar to an Akita. In addition to that there are other reasons as well that the dog has a plume tail which is for dusting the snow off of the coat. Also there is a great wedge shape portion to the head that means that there is a strong skull. In addition to that there is also a great tone to the nose which allows them to be able to plow through the snow as well as remain insulated in the cold.

Alaskan Malamutes are some of the best sled dogs for all kinds of travel as well as for pulling objects. They are used for sledding as well as for many other forms of working out in the tundra. They have the ability to handle being left on their own most of the time as they are dogs which have a fierce spirit of independence. In addition to that they are able to be a part of everything and are some of the best dogs for being able to adapt to any situation.

Malamutes are very fond of people and they are very great family dogs, for that reason they are not very good watch dogs as they are very friendly. They are great in the house as well as they need plenty of time outside. They also need to have a place that allows them to stay cool in the summer time because of their thick coat. They are normally very quiet dogs and keep to themselves without barking much. Usually when they do make a sound it is for a specific reason and that means that they need attention.


They are also one of the longest living dogs as they have a lifespan of over 15 years. They have other issues that are genetic which are very difficult such as hip issues, cataracts, and many other issues which are native to the dog.

When you make a commitment to the dog you will be pleased to note that you will have him for many years, there is nothing better than having a partner and companion that you know you will be able to count on that will become a valuable part of your life.



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