Treat Your Dog to an Excellent Home Meal

Dogs-and-cats-eating-300x199Forget the canned food which may be tainted with chemicals and who knows what else. These days it is all about making food at home with the best ingredients so that you will be able to know that the animals are getting the best nourishment. That means there are many owners that are taking this into their own hands and are cooking gourmet meals at home for their dogs with the best ingredients.

There is a lot of confusion currently about what dogs should eat; there are many foods out there with vegetables as well as different combinations of meat. It is very confusing for most owners as they do not have any idea what they should be feeding their dogs with a large amount of the confusion coming from advertising campaigns as to what the appropriate diet should be. But where does all of the wrong information come from and how is it possible that so many people have no idea what they should be doing to ensure that their dogs are happy and healthy?

Since the ancestor of the dog is the wolf, being a canine in the wild there are carnivores. With the exception of when there are digestive issues, the wolves live on a diet exclusively of meat. However, one thing of note which is a huge difference is the level of activity between dogs and wolves. Since wolves live in the wild and are always foraging and hunting for food, for that reason the wolves can eat almost anything they want without the fear of getting obese. Since wolves are always chasing after their pray they will assuredly need to be in able to run after it.

Dogs on the other hand are much different in their exercise needs. Dogs are kept and for that reason they are able to be heavier as well as are able to have less exercise in their lives. This means that all dogs should be fed a bit of a leaner diet if they are going to not grow obese. The average dog is merely walked once a day and instead is not able to run and have the kind of exercise that a wolf would have in the wild. For that reason it is important to feed your dog healthfully and also not to give it a diet that is 100% protein. If you give the dog the same diet that a wolf would have it will lead to obesity.

One thing you must think about first is the level of exercise of your dog. How active is your dog on a regular basis? Does your dog get out and work out 3-4 times per day? If the answer is no, which means that you need to be making food for your dog out of lean protein. That means that you must be thinking about your dog as an eater of fish and also chicken. In addition to that you must also occasionally add in lean vegetables into the diet of your dog as well to ensure that you are able to help with the digestive process.

When you are preparing food for your dog you must also cut all of the pieces into small bits so that you will be able to ensure that the dog does not choke, and is able to digest all of the food easily. The food also must be cooked as well to ensure that you are able to have healthy and safe food for your dog. The best standards for preparing your food for your dog, is do not to serve your dog food you would not eat. Do not serve your dog raw meat or chicken which would enable you to have salmonella poisoning. While in the wild wolves are able to consume raw meat because their bodies are full of parasites which will allow them to digest the meat raw without getting ill.

Dogs however, being domestic animals need to have access to the same health standards we would use to ensure that they are able to be cared for as well as taken care of on a regular basis. There are many excellent resources to be able to find the best recipes and locations to have access to the best foods for your dog. No one loves your pet like you, for this reason give it the best that you can offer and you will be able to keep it happy and healthy for years to come.



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