10 Things We Love about Dog Walkers

10. Long-term options.

Dog walkers and dog walking businesses can bring you great options for long-term care for your dog. You may be in a situation where you can no longer walk your dog. For example, you may have a condition that prevents you from walking as much as you would like, or perhaps you’ve experienced a change in work or home situations that takes your time and attention away from dog walking. A professional dog walker can offer the long-term care that would be hard to come by from other sources.

9. Short-term options.

Do you have weeks that just get too busy? Or do you have a new puppy that needs more outings than you can take? Or are you in a recovery process that requires one or two months of rest? Dog walkers are a reliable way to help you through these short-term periods. A great benefit of using a dog walker is your pet will be able to get comfortable with just one new person instead of the array of new friends or family members that you may ask to help.

8. Peace of mind.

Using a reliable and professional dog walking company means that you have peace of mind regarding your pet and your home. You’ll know that your pet is in experienced and capable hands, and you’ll have the added benefit of knowing that someone will be able to check up on your pet and home if you’re away for the day. A dog walker can also leave a note or text to let you know what your pet has been up to during the day.

7. A resource for knowledge.

Nothing beats a good, first-hand reference from a person you trust. A dog walker can become a great resource for your pet-related questions. A dog walker has the practical knowledge that comes from working with a variety of pets.

6. Someone to look out for your pet.

A dog walker is 100% invested in your dog’s health and happiness. Once your dog walker gets to know your pet, he or she will be able to spot and report changes in behaviors and tendencies. Changes in energy, behavior, and schedule can be early warning signs for health problems. Your dog walker can be another line of defense in making sure your dog is safe and well.

5. A regular daily routine.

One of the best things you can do for your pet is to establish a daily routine. Pets have a hard time with uncertainty. They like to know that after the trick comes the treat. After the walk comes the game of catch. When pets know what to expect, their behavior can improve. Having a daily, scheduled walk with a dog walker is a great step in establishing a good routine.

4. TLC and socialization.

Dogs are friendly animals and they like to share that friendliness. The more your dog is able to experience, the more comfortable he will feel around other people and places. A dog walker introduces one more friendly person into your dog’s life and will help him to be happy and well behaved around new people.

3. A walked dog is a good dog.

Dogs tend to be more active and will have a hard time staying indoors or in a kennel. All that energy needs somewhere to go! If you’re not able to be at home for a walk, a dog walker will help your dog expend that energy and keep him from developing the bad behaviors that rise out of boredom and loneliness, like chewing and scratching.

2. A walk is for more than just exercise.

If a dog is cooped up too long around the house, he may start to act up. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main problems is your dog will need to relieve himself. If he’s not given the proper opportunity, he’ll probably let you know by relieving himself in the home.

1. An exercised dog equals a happy dog!

Dogs need exercise to stay healthy. They also need time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. They need places to explore and new sights and scents to experience. And they can get all of these multiple times a day with a dog walker. If you work a schedule that keeps you away from home for more that 4 to 6 hours, you might think about having a dog walker take your dog out so he can stay happy and stay out of trouble at home.

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