Spotlight on the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the most popular dog in the United States. Every single time you rent a movie, or turn on the television, you will be very surprised to see the number of Goldens that are a part of every piece of television, media, and comedy. They are very popular because they are known to be great with kids, good guard dogs, docile when necessary and they listen to their owners. In addition to these excellent traits they are also fairly small dogs which means that they can live in many different living situations such as in houses as well as in apartments.

History of the Golden Retriever

They originally were designed to be hunting dogs which would bring back waterfowl which had been shot when hunting with parties. They also love the water and love to swim which meant that they were great at bringing back fowl. In addition to that they also have a lovely long coat which means they are perfect for colder climates, they also shed enough in the summer time that they also are able to adapt to a warmer environment with great ease. The Golden also is great in a suburb, a farm or a city as they are able to live indoors with minimal fuss as long as they go out occasionally and are allowed to roam. They are great with children and are also very flexible as they are some of the best dogs to be able to have in homes with mixed families.

The dogs are also very famous for being one of the best trained dogs in the world as they are able to take on almost any role when it comes to being a guide dog. The Golden works with the deaf, the blind, and with any other need. One thing they are not the best at is being made professional guard dogs because they do tend to be one of the friendliest dogs in the world.

Did you know that there are three different kinds of Golden Retrievers?

The British Golden is the one who you will find in the U.K. in Australia and throughout all of Europe. They are shorter and smaller than their American cousins. In addition to this they are also shorter and lighter. The European models have larger and rounder eyes as well than their American counterparts. In addition to this there are also many colors that are different than their American cousins. The coats are able to be any color of gold or cream but are not able to have any red and mahogany in their coats. These are some of the most prized dogs for their hunting. American Goldens is taller and is also less stocky. In addition to this they also have more feathering in their coat. They are known for their smooth movements and their trotting and playful spirit. They also are important to have the right temperament and proportion. It is not unusual to have American breeders import dogs from the UK to take advantage of breeding.
Canadian Goldens is much smaller than other breeds and do not often have the same temperament. In addition to this they also have much more variance in their coat as well as in their size. Canadian Goldens is typically ruddier than their American counterparts.  These are amazing animals for you to be able to spend time with and will also be excellent with children. Whatever the size of your home you will be able to have everything that you need with a Golden Retriever to make sure that your home has a great animal in it.

One thing that is very important to remember if you are going to own a Golden Retriever is you need to be able to take out the dog on a regular basis. That means that you want to be able to plan regular exercise with the puppy on a regular basis. Make sure to scout out the best dog parks in town and you will be able to have everything that you need to have fun with your dog. Goldens also live for at least 12 years do this is a good dog to plan to keep for many years. That means that you also want to be ready to welcome the dog into your home as a member of the family and not just as a dog. Pets are members of our family as much as they are our friends.



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