Pets Are People Too!

Josh ThomasWhether or not you realize it or ever have. Animals have personalities like people and they are often more sensitive to their environments than people are. How many cats or dogs have you ever had that had the same personality? When was the last time that you thought about the fact that almost all of the animals that you have ever had in your life have had a different personality? When a cat or dog has passed away and you have thought about bringing in another animal are you always amazed at the differences from one animal to another?

Some animals enjoy sleeping all day and partying all night. Have you ever heard your cats wake up at midnight and run through the house like something was chasing them? You awake the next day to find that everything that you thought you left on your desk is strewn about like your working space was hit by a tornado. Whatever the case might be one thing is for sure. You need to make a notation or take a photo of where you put all of your important items and remember to return them to the same area every evening. If you do not do that you will assuredly have issues since cats and dogs alike enjoy finding places to hide and to stash all of those items that you might in fact be looking for.

When you hear that sound that is thumping about in the night that sounds like a peg legged pirate, remember that noise is simply your cat running about. There is no reason to call the Ghostbusters, nor is there any reason to fear that an old pirate or dead relative may be visiting you. However, make certain that you make notes of where all of your valuables are every night.

Some animals are also very playful, have you ever noticed that some puppies and kittens remain little animals for their entire lives. Even though they are fully grown they want the attention of someone who is going to love them, play with them, and spend time with them throwing a stick or dragging a piece of string. Sometimes you will see that they are still so caught up in their own play that they will chase their tails for hours. Cats and dogs alike never grow tired of playing with each other or playing with themselves.

Play in Animals is very important, we all can imagine and think about all of the times that we have not played with a pet enough and the long term effect that had on the animal’s health. Whether the pet was growing plump, sleeping for hours, or simply not getting the attention that it needed and deserved. It is very important to remember to play with and to interact with our pets on a regular basis. Pets love things like laser pointers which require very little effort on the part of the person who is controlling them who merely must move it around an area which is free of too much clutter.

Pets playing are not only good for your pet; it is also good for you. Did you know that many studies have concluded that people who have cats and dogs and play with them on a regular basis are much healthier and happier? People who have a cat or a dog and take it on regular walks are much slimmer and in addition to that are much healthier in the long term than people who work at a desk all day and do not take the time to go out and exercise.

In addition to this cats and dogs are also good for our blood pressure and for tranquility. When you sit down with a cat or dog and brush them it is good for you and also for the animal because you are calming them and at the same time you are lowering your own stress level as well. The time that is spent bonding with pets, is some of the most important time that we are able to spend in a day ensuring that you will in fact be able to relax and have a few moments of down time that will allow you to bond with your animal and assuredly stay in focus with making your day happier. Pets are a life link for their owners to good health, low stress, and long life. The next time your pet wants to play, remember what they are doing for you.



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