Keeping Pets Happy at Home

?????????????????????????Pets have been domesticated since the Egyptian times; cats were first brought in to help us keep our homes clear of mice. After that in many cultures, particularly in Egypt the cat was then worshiped for its intelligence, intensity, and beauty. Egyptian women painted their eyes to try and look like cats, and they became one of the most exalted members of the family in every household. Animals would join their owners in the afterlife and would then serve them in the beyond. Jewelry was developed for cats and they were a part of the family as much as the children of the house.

Dogs, known as “Man’s best friend” were developed from wild wolves and joined us first in the hunting fields of the world. Tracking next to us and helping us to be able to find food when we were unable to grow it, it is easy to understand why they became such important members of the human family. Can you imagine the value of an animal that was able to track in a world that was before grocery stores and all other locations where it was possible to be able to get or obtain food? Until 35,000 BCE this was the state of our ancestors who had to bond with the dogs in the ability to find and source game 3 xs per day. Many people died because they were not able to do this in a way that was going to be effective as well as in a way that would ensure regular nutrition for all of the members of the family. One of the greatest challenges was being able to do this in a world where loyalty was highly valued and prized as well. With the constant pressures that face our ancestors it is easy to see why we bonded with dogs to ensure that we are able to have the best possible allies at our side.

When you go to the zoo now and you see those huge cats in the cages, prowling around like they may eat you it is amazing to think that your cat was once related to those animals. The powerful swagger of the backbones of the animals as well as the power of the size is something that is very difficult for us to imagine. How is it that our ancestors were able to make friends with and even domesticate these wild creatures?

When looking at wolves, the native ancestor of all dogs it is again amazing to imagine our ancestors hunting next to them with nothing more than sticks and rocks. A bond like that is truly amazing when you think that it might have taken years to form and in addition to that it might also have been done with great fear and with great amounts of training. Creatures like wolves, quite easily able to eat men if the situation were handled wrongly, again what an amazing accomplishment, Each species of dog that you see was created through the efforts of man and through the careful combination and breeding of different animals to ensure that the combinations are best for everyone and in addition to that, that the animals would be the strongest and the proudest that they could be.

In our pets now we still see the same long term effects of this breeding and this bearing. When you see cats go nuts and chase a mouse or you see dogs catch and fetch a stick. They are drawn to the movement, the color, and the visual aspect of the chase and hunt. As parents of animals with ancient desires we must understand, nurture, and encourage this arrangement for our pets. This means taking them outside so that they will be able to play on a beautiful afternoon, walking them when they wish to go out and ensuring that you are spending all of the time with them that you can.

There is an epidemic in this country of obesity; this is not something that is just for us either. It is a part of the lives of our pets as well. The main reason for that is because our pets do not get to play the way they used to and since that is the case they are not getting the proper amounts of exercise. Remember that when you take your pet for a walk it is benefiting you as much as it is benefiting the pet. Part of being happy is making sure that you have the right amount of exercise.



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