Pets Love Their Homes Too

iStock_000009243479SmallWhether or not you realize it, your pet has a home in your house the same way that you do. However, unlike the way that you understand your surroundings, your pet spends time getting to know all of the nooks and crannies of your home. The average pet according to research can take 2-3 days and all the way up until a few weeks.

When a pet moves into a new space the first thing that it wants to do is to explore that space and decide what it is able to do there. For that reason your pet will stalk around the new pad and check out all of its features, he will find the best place to lie down in the sun, the most comfortable pillows around, and also will look for the best supplies of fresh water and where to expect food every morning.

Just like you check out the new features of a hotel room when you arrive, your pet is scoping out all of their surrounding and trying to find all of the new features. However, one thing to remember is that your pets do not have the ability unlike you to pick up the phone and call Hilton and ask them about the details of their surroundings. Instead, for pets they are a little distracted when they wake up and they realize that they cannot find the place that they were looking for when they were just sitting there a few days before.

Animals like people form connections to places, and yet they are not able to understand and comprehend the whole concept of traveling. Instead, it is something that is too difficult for them to grasp, because we are not able to explain to them when they have a change in environment what is going on. That is something that is both very frightening for the pet and the owner. Pets look to us for all of their guidance and they expect for us to be able to show them and explain to them the best places to be able to sleep.

When you take a pet from a home and has been placed into to a kennel when you are traveling, it is an experience that can be very frightening for the pets and can make them really want to go home. Instead of being in a familiar environment they are now surrounded by strangers and in addition to that they are also surrounded by people who do not know them. The people try to play with them and make them feel comfortable and yet, from a pet’s perspective, they are locked in a cage with people around them they do not know poking and prodding at them.

When you go out of town, make certain that you have someone who is able to come to your house and is able to make you pets feel comfortable. It should be someone that naturally loves animals and someone that wants to give them comfort when you are gone. We must remember that animals never know when we are coming or going, nor do they realize what a business trip means. Something that seems very simple to us, to them is a life changing and very frightening situation. For this reason we must be understanding of the fact that not spending time with them and also not taking care of them almost voids the purpose of having pets.

Whether or not you realize it, it is very important to ensure that you make your pets feel at home as much as possible so that when they have someone who is coming in and taking care of them they realize they have nothing to fear because a person they know is coming to take care of them in their own environment. That is the difference in being a person versus being an animal. No one is able to tell you and explain to you if you are a pet, when your owner will be home and when you can expect them to be. For that reason it is very important to always remember that you must take care to ensure that you are thinking about the needs of your pet and bringing someone to them that will be able to help them. They will be grateful and will also be in a position to ensure that they are able to be at home and be taken care of by those who love them.



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