At what age should a puppy be spayed or neutered?


It used to be after the female pups first heat to spay.  Now studies have shown  that’s not to be true.  You can have your puppy spayed or neutered between the ages of eight weeks ?????????????????????????through old age.  Spaying will reduce the risk of breast cancer in female dogs. Although, if your female puppy has vaginitis, it is recommended to wait until she has gone through one heat cycle.      Spaying and neutering at the age of six (6) months is optimal for preventing unwanted pregnancies, roaming, and hormone-related aggression between dogs.


In males it will help reduce hormone related aggression. Both male and female dogs will show behavior signs such as howling, barking and urine marking, as well as a strong need to roam and find a mate, which often leads to fighting if the dog has not been spayed or neutered.

After my dog is spayed or neutered will they act differently?

Your dog may be less likely to exhibit certain behaviors, but their personality will not change.  Some dogs after they have been spayed or neutered can be predisposed to weight gain.   Although, with appropriate diet and exercise your dog can maintain their weight.  Your veterinarian can help you choose a proper diet for your dog.

Your veterinarian can help with food choices to fit any budget.

My veterinarians,  Dr Craine and Dr Cerjan at Snellville Animal Hospital were very helpful about the proper food choices for my dogs.  They can help guide you with proper food choices to fit any budget.  Maintaining good nutrition may help to increase the health and life of your dog.



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