Saving Your Home’s Contents From Your Pet

Hoo pups MaltiThis is a great time of year to talk about your new puppy’s behavior.  Many people get puppies around the holidays.  During the holidays we had lots of time to spend with them because we were home on holiday.  Now it’s January and free time is a thing of the past.  However, you want your new puppy to be well behaved, and not chew everything that has your smell on it.  It all comes down to the basic commands.  Regardless of the pups age, they should not feel it is there right to have it in their mouth.  Today’s blog is “Saving Your Home’s Contents From Your Pet” by LoriTheAuthor

Saving Your Home’s Contents From Your Pet

Does your dog seem to think that many things around your home are canine cuisine? Many dogs, especially puppies, tend to munch on things like remote controls, paper towels, food trash and even unmentionables from the bathroom wastebasket. For many pups, it seems like even the most innocent piece of sock lint is not safe from canine consumption!

Regardless of the age of your dog, it is important to set the rules straight and be consistent. While we may understand that puppies are exploring their world or that an older dog may have a bad habit, it is safer for both our pets and our homes to teach the dog what is okay to eat and play with (dog food and dog toys!) and what is off limits.

Begin by working with your pet on some basic obedience commands, such as “heel,” “sit,” “down,” “stay” and “come.” Even just half an hour a day will help your dog to respect you more, and most importantly you will be able to use theses commands to teach him right from wrong.

Next, with your pet on a leash, place a variety of items around the room, within your dog’s reach. Things like sunglasses, socks, throw pillows and kids’ toys are usually good ideas. Remember that your dog may touch the items a bit during the training exercise, so don’t use your best things.

When your dog gets ready to grab the item, tell him “No, leave it.” Then place him into a “sit/stay” or “down/stay” command. Be sure to have some dog toys on hand so you can also teach him what he is allowed to chew on by giving your dog a toy and saying “Good dog.”

Some items may be more tempting than others. Food trash, with all of its delicious smells, may be far more tempting for your pet than a simple clean sock. For those things your dog really wants to go after, using a long “down/stay” combined with lots of praise and redirecting to an appropriate chew toy may be an exercise you need to practice many, many times.

When you are not in “training mode,” be sure to supervise your pet at all times so that whenever he tries to bite something inappropriate you can catch him in the act, correct him “no,” and redirect to a dog toy and some praise.

With persistence, obedience training and supervision, your dog can soon learn to keep his teeth off your stuff and on his toys!

Lori Verni-Fogarsi has been an author, speaker, small business consultant, and Certified Master Trainer for 18+ years. Her novel, “Momnesia,” (contemporary women’s fiction) has been designated a National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist, and her nonfiction book, “Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs,” has been widely acclaimed in its genre. To learn more, please visit www.LoriTheAuthor.com and join Lori on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LoriTheAuthor.

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