Walking Your Dog, Your Best Year Yet

Barbie Walking in ParkIs walking your dog on your list of resolutions for the new year?  You want to get fit so you head for the gym, forgetting that your pooch needs a walk too.  Why not combine the two!  You and your dog can get fit together.  You can train together.  What a great month to start.  It’s January, and it’s National Walk-Your-Dog Month, so honoring our four-legged friends, here are a few reasons you should make this your “Best Year Yet” by keeping this resolution all year.

Dogs – Responsibility – Their Own Health?

You think that just because your dog has a doggie door that they are running around playing all day long.  So when you come home after working a 9 to 12 hour day, you figure they should be exhausted too?  Do you think they just want to lay around, and take it easy?  Think again.  That’s why they are super energized, and expecting you to entertain them the rest of the evening.   Chances are, if given, they just might be  couch potatoes while you’re away.  Eating chips and candy all day.  It is a good thing the don’t have opposing thumbs.  Being a responsible dog owner, take them for a walk when you get home, they and you will feel better for doing so.

Get Going by Leashing Up and Lacing Up

Leash up your pooch and get active.  Start a trend, think outside the box, start a daily fitness class where you and  your dog can go hiking, camping, yoga, and maybe even kayaking.  Change up your daily dog walks, this will take the boredom out of the routine.  Studies show that having a friend to help encourage you to exercise is one of the ways to keep the momentum going in your daily exercise routines.  So leash up your dog, lace up your shoes dog, and get walking.   Walk or jog the pounds off together.  Sign up for the fitness app, “My Fitness Pal”, https://www.myfitnesspal.com/ on your phone.  That way you can log everything from food to fitness, and monitor your progress.

A Tired Dog is A Good Dog

No doubt that Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer knows that often unwanted behavior that your dog exhibits is quite often from boredom and frustration.  We all know how excited dogs become when you say “Let’s go for a walk” or pull out the leashes.  Oh the start of the happy dance!!!  If you find you might just need a tiny bit of help in the middle of the day, don’t forget you can contact your professional pet sitter.  If you live in the Lilburn Georgia and the sounding areas you can call us, 2 Paws Up 770-695-3096 or visit our website for more information https://2pawsupinc.com .

Good Dog Stock

Your dog comes from Wolf stock.  Wolves are nomads by nature and can cover over a 100 miles in a day searching for food.  Walking your dog is in their DNA.  Remember that happy dance I mentioned?  This excitement is “pack” behavior similar to what wolves do to work up adrenaline before a hunt.  Your dog wants to walk.  They are fulfilling their elemental psychological drive to “work” for their food.

Exercise in Socialization

Your dog will get to know all the sights and sounds of their neighborhood by meeting other people and their dogs.  This is an excellent exercise in socialization.  The more your dog gets accustomed to the sounds of cars, lawn mowers, bicycles, people, and other dogsthen your dog will be less scared and or nervous of new sounds in the future.

You Are Their Pack Leader

It is your job to be the leader.  A walk is an excellent time to exert your leadership and reinforce your “pack leader” position.  Remember, you are Alpha, so prove it.  Along the walk make sure your give your dog some basic commands like sit, and heal to let him know you’re their “Pack Leader”.

Cultivating Bonding

You will strengthen the bond between you both by discovering, and sharing new places and experiences.  This is a wonderful benefit of walking your dog.  Start today with one of the best benefits of walking your dog, cultivating the bonding connection.

Overcoming Obstacles

How many times have we said these four words:  “I don’t have time”?  Make it part of your list of things to do.  Schedule the time in your daily planner.  You have time to sit and watch your hour TV show.  Start with small increments of time 15 minutes, then increase it to 20 minutes, then increase it to 30 to 60 minutes.  You will find you feel better, because your becoming more fit, and your dog is tired and relaxed.  Now you and your pup and sit quietly thus watch your favorite TV show together.  See how easy that was?

My Goal to You

I will make it my personal goal to be the person my dog thinks I am.  The person who bonds by walking my dog daily.  Will you?

Tells us or give us some creative ideas you find to sneak in walks or exercise when you’re pressed for time.  We would love to hear from you.



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