Tips on How to Care for a Sugar Glider

Sugar GliderMore and more we are hear about Sugar Gliders.  Do you know of someone who has one and are very interested in having one as a pet?  Do you want your sugar glider to be happy and healthy?  Provide your Sugar Glider with a safe and secure home, lots of love and attention, a healthy diet, a place to eat, sleep and exercise.

Here are a few tips on how to care for the Sugar Glider.

  1. Purchasing a Cage: Sugar gliders need room to climb.  If you have one Sugar Glider your cage should be at least 20”x20”x30” wire mesh or metal bars.  They like to climb and prefer their food to be placed high up in the cage.  Preferably a tall cage.  Often a tall bird cage makes an excellent home for your sugar glider.
  2. Create a habitat:   Sugar Gliders are intelligent and love to play and like interesting things to touch and play with such as bird toys, ladders, tunnels, bells, and even “barrel of monkeys”.  Consider changing up the sugar gliders toys.  If your Sugar Glider is neglected in this area you may have health and/or behavioral issues.  I was at a networking meeting near Loganville Georgia, and was engaging in a conversation with someone who owns sugar glider, he said “if neglected Sugar Gliders can become self-mutilators”.
  3. Sleeping area:  Popular sleeping areas for Sugar Gliders are to sleep in pouches, such as one made with fleece.  It has even been known for Sugar Gliders to sleep in hollowed out coconuts.
  4. Healthy Diet:  There are several diets for Sugar gliders on the market.  Burbon’s Modified Ledbetter Diet or the Suncoast diet.  Feeding Sugar Gliders is more than opening up a bag of food.  They need foods with calcium. They need to avoid malnutrition and HLP, hind leg paralysis.  You need to do your research to find the best food for your Sugar Glider.  Do not feed your Sugar glider nuts, they are not squirrels.
  5. Bonding:  Be sure Sugar Gliders are legal in your area.  Instead of buying one try adopting one.  Often people impulse buy and find out it’s not a good fit in the household.  It is important that you bond with your Sugar glider.  They need socialization.  Gliders do well in pairs or colonies.  Gliders give lots of love and if you spend time with them and give them respect, they will grow to trust you.  Sugar Gliders form strong bonds and can become despondent when that bond is broken.

This is just the tip of what you need to know if you are planning to own a Sugar Glider.  I just covered a few tips on how to care for a Sugar Glider.  Please research before you find yourself “impulse buying”.  Sugar Gliders, need lots of attention and love.

If you know a lot about Sugar Gliders, please feel free to leave a comment.  We would love to help you take care of your Sugar Gliders, and other family pets you may have.  Please contact us www.2pawsupinc.com.  Where Pets are our Passion and Providing True Peace of Mind is our Mission.

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