Reasons why your home is the best place for your pet while you’re away

If you are planning on traveling at all this summer, the hardest thing for every pet lover is leaving your furry friend behind. Even if you are simply traveling for fun, the constant worrying and wondering about your pet can somehow manage to ruin the entire trip. Hire a pet sitter from the start and avoid having to deal with any of that! Hiring a professional pet sitter is always better for your pet because they of course get to stay in the comfort of their own home. It’s very hard for your pet not being able to see you everyday, and unfortunately there is no way to let them know you will be back in four days. Staying at home is going to take away that additional stress that they may have had with you being gone and being in a completely different environment.

Both you and your pet will get the most benefits out of hiring a pet sitter

The best part about hiring a pet sitter is that we completely understand how hard it can be leaving your pet behind which is why we do everything we can to give you and your pet peace of mind. As we said, having the same daily routine makes it much easier on them which significantly decreases any additional stress.  There is no risk of possible infections or diseases getting picked up from another dog. Also, you know for a fact your furry friend is going to be well taken care of. Having a neighbor or even family member watch your furry friend can be extremely helpful, but when  you know for a fact that the person watching your pooch is really playing with them, and even staying overnight it really does give you that peace of mind. Like I said, family is great; but if they see your pet as “just a dog” you will never fully have that peace of mind like you would with a professional pet sitter knowing your pet is being treated the way they fully deserve.

Real time contact with your pet sitter

The only better thing than hiring a professional pet sitter is hiring one who includes real time contact for FREE! This is exactly what you will get with 2 Paws Up Pet Sitting.  Now you can finally be fully relaxed while traveling away from home knowing fully that your pet is being properly taken care of. Our pet care by design program lets you create the exact pet sitting experience you want for your pet while you are gone. Visit our “services and rates” section to learn more! https://2pawsupinc.com/services-rates/



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