How Water Can Help Heal Injuries

An overweight cat, an otter with arthritis, and a bunny with arthritis, what do they all have in common? They are all using the healing power of water to help with their treatment! Yes, we were stunned too, a cat in water! What’s really neat is that they are all using this in a different way.

Meet George, the cat:









George is a 14 year old obese cat, and was actually given this recommendation by his vet. It may have sounded crazy at first, but it’s proven to do just the trick! George is submerged  in a foot of water and on a treadmill to help him shed those pounds. Of course, being a cat you can see that the lifevest still needed 🙂 You can read more about this inspiring story here:https://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2009/11/17/11501-2172/

Meet Heidi, the rabbit:









Heidi is an adorable rabbit who currently has arthritis  Just like in the case with George, Heidi’s vet was the one to recommend this treatment. Heidi is now taking the advice of her vet and attends regular hydrotherapy sessions.They wanted Heidi to be as comfortable as possible, so they pinned her ears back to prevent any irritation to her ears, and is swimming comfortably in her heated pool with her life vest  You can see more adorable action shots of Heidi here: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/03/06/rabbit-heidi-arthritis-hydrotherapy-pictures-video_n_2819163.html

Meet Eddie, the otter:









Eddie is a 15 year old otter who has arthritis in his elbows. This was discovered upon his X-ray results. Currently, Eddie is capturing the attention of all visitors who visit this zoo by his amazing ability to shoot basketball hoops! This has got to be the absolute best pet “treatment” that I have ever heard of!

Just in general, what do you think about overall concept of water therapy? If you or anyone you know has used this with for their pet please let us know! We think it’s a terrific concept but would like to get feedback from people who have tried this firsthand : )



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