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After such a fun and successful beach play date, I knew I had to share it with all of you. A beach themed play date is the best idea! Welcome to every dogs dream play date

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For Sunny:

We gathered together at the beach for Sunny’s favorite play date! All dogs just love the beach, but his favorite part is after dark when all the crabs come out! Sure, he likes playing with his friends like all dogs, but chasing crabs is probably his favorite thing in the entire world! We had the play date for Sunny because he had just received some great news! We found one “fatty toumor” as the vet calls them on his belly which we were concerned about. He has never had any health problems, so naturally everyone was extremely worried and panicked. After a visit to the vet and $600 dollars later we received the news…..Sunny has doggy “love handles.” Yes, it cost $600 to inform everyone that Sunny has doggy love handles… 🙂 It’s funny now…not so funny then. “Fatty Tumors” are very common on goldens and labrador retrievers that often get mistaken as real tumors when the vet informed us that they are simply “love handles.” That’s not always the case, so ALWAYS  get this checked up, because it won’t always be a laughing matter!

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Stormy, Rudee and Maci are some of Sunny’s best friends! Although we’re not sure why Stormy seems to resemble Kujo here… it’s still a little funny. They had a fantastic day, and finished up the night searching for crabs….successful puppy play date!

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Once again Stormy ending the night resembling Kujo, while barking at crabs!



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