Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitting

We’ve finally decided to truly compare the differences between pet sitting and pet boarding. For those of you who are not clients of 2 Paws Up Pet Sitting, we ask that you still read through this blog;  because it contains a lot of valuable information. After you have really had time to consider the differences, we want you to choose the option best for you! Every pet is different, and truthfully every pet parent is going to have a different opinion when it comes to their furry friend. The only thing that we are trying to do is inform you of the real differences. We know a lot of people do not seem to think about some of these things, and since your pets are family we feel that this is very important to know!

Pet Boarding

Believe it or not, pet boarding is the most common method that pet parent’s select whenever going out of town. This was one of the main reasons why I decided to write this blog post. I feel that if more pet parent’s were informed this may not be the case. I know that people assume that pet boarding is going to save them a lot of money, but that is not always the case. Of course some are going to be less expensive than a pet sitter, but also a lot of high end ones are not going to save you any money. It’s important to look into the differences before automatically making a selection.

With Pet Boarding:

-There are MANY diseases that your pet can easily pick up. Of course all Pet Boarding facilities are different in so many ways, and that statment was referring to what generally happens. Before I sit here and list everything, just think of the dozens of pets that your pet is being exposed to. How do you know that each and every one of those pets are up to date on their shots, vaccinations, medications, etc? The truth is you don’t. According to healthy paw pet insurance the following dangers are: Contagious diseases, like kennel cough, distemper, giardiasis and coccidiosis are found in kennels. The cramped conditions make it simple for viruses and parasites to travel with ease among dogs and cats. Puppies and kittens especially should avoid being boarded as their immune systems are very susceptible to picking up these illnesses.

– You never know how much exercise such as running around, playing, walking your pet is actually getting. Even though up front Pet Boarding may a lot of the time seem like the money saving way to go, just remember that you have to pay extra for “additional walking sessions” ontop of the original quoted fee. It’s important to consider this when determining the total price.

-Kennels have walks, feeding, and bathroom time according to their own schedule, not yours. A lot of pet owners like to have their pets on a certain schedule and you cannot get that with boarding.

Pet Sitters

-Your pet can stay on its same schedule.

-Your pet never has to worry about being in a new environment, this can be stressful for a lot of animals.

– Your pets are given special attention with playtime and walks according to your request (and many additional times throughout the day because it’s what pet sitters love!)

-Also, any additional household tasks such as vacuuming  watering plants, bringing in the mail, or any other daily household chore can be done for you!

2 Paws Up Pet Sitting goes above and beyond, not to prove anything but because we LOVE pets! Your personalized care plan is an excellent detailed schedule that gives us all of the info about your pet any many more specific details that you would want us to know. We also send you photos while your away so you never have to be too heartbroken about being away from your furry friend.

Clearly, pet boarding is not all bad because as we mentioned it is the most common method. A lot of pets do have personal preferences, so it’s just what you as the pet owner feel most comfortable with. That being said, I would ALWAYS recommend pet sitting for elderly pets as well as puppies. It’s not worth taking the risk especially at those ages. We hope this has given you some valuable information!



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